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The "owling" photo

straightarrow372's picture
on September 12, 2011 - 8:58pm

I'm becoming obsessed with this photo that Josh tweeted.

There's something about it that just won't let me go.

The composition is like a Vermeer painting: the window, the light, the curtains.

Josh himself is so quintessentially Josh: the impish, child-man playing at an impression; the tousled hair; the heavily framed glasses that he wears as a nerd mask pretending to himself that he couldn't possibly have been People magazine's sexiest man alive in 2009 and must still be the awkward kid his classmates derided when he was in school.

The PJs are delightfully tight, hinting at the shape of the body, accentuating the sensual nature of a man confined to his bedroom. The flexed limbs increase the tightness.

The shades of grey from the curtains, the PJs, and the darkened room could not have been more tastefully selected.

This photo is just a work of art.

And this man, fully clothed, manages to be sexier than Ashton Kutcher prancing around naked on Ellen.

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