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shaky today

straightarrow372's picture
on February 9, 2011 - 11:12pm

I was just reading the thread about the video in L.A. I had seen the first couple of pages some days ago and it seemed fake somehow. The person who started the thread didn't have very good English and she wasn't even sure it was true -- yet it was true.

When I came back from seeing Josh at the Schubert I felt shaky, too, being that close to him. It's all very well and good telling myself that he's just another person who happens to have had some unusual things happen to him, but the reality is that part of me doesn't see him as just another person.

Thinking about how, if I had believed that thread, if I had gone to L.A., I could have been that close to him, just thinking about that makes me feel totally shaky -- and I wasn't even there, not anywhere close. I'm on the east coast. Yet it seems like a near miss.

Got to try to get a grip here, if I am ever to be successful in communicating to Josh my desire that he join my Quixotic quest for a world anthem for the U.N. -- and in particular that he add Michael Jackson's song "Heal the World" to his concert program. If I get shaky just at the idea that it might have been possible to speak to him, how could I ever actually speak to him?

I'm so much more neurotic than I realized.

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