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on December 3, 2010 - 6:36pm

I posted a comment about watching the Ustream concert already, but had a few more afterthoughts.

Oh, I'm such a busy body, but I keep watching Josh's left hand while he plays the piano and thinking that his finger position is suboptimal. I'm particularly conscious of this, because I've had issues with carpal tunnel syndrome. I always used typing gloves while typing or playing the piano, as otherwise my fingers start getting pins and needles. I like the "Imak SmartGlove," which I got from Staples. I've got at least 4 pairs for different places. I sleep and drive with a different set of gloves, that are made by "Futuro," and have steel support in them. Before I started doing this, I was going to be a candidate for surgery, but now my hands are ok, so long as I use the gloves. Josh is young, so he doesn't know what he might be doing to himself. In the Ustream concert, he takes lots of voice lessons, which teach him how to protect his voice, but he says he does not take piano lessons, which might teach him how to protect his hands. Piano lessons are not just about reading music and producing sounds. They are also about body, wrist & finger positioning and technique.

More problems with having a friend who does not know I exist.

Still don't like "Galileo." Oh, Josh, don't you know that scientists are people who always ask questions like that? That we're the ones trying to interest other people in those types of questions? Don't you know that scientists are marginalized by society, because we are nerds, just like you? Why do you buy into science hostile personality stereotypes? Why does Rick join you in that? I feel kind of betrayed. One of the things that always made me like you was this feeling that, as a fellow nerd, you were be on my same wavelength, and I think usually you are -- but on this, no. Now you're feeling like one of those kids who bullied me in school. I know I've commented on this before. Before I realized that people are actually reading this, I wouldn't have worried about boring people with this, repeating myself, but I can't let go of it.

Maybe you're getting a lot of positive comments on this song? Maybe you're hearing all those people who like to bully scientists? Who like to criticize us with negative stereotypes? We're over intellectual? We don't fall in love? We don't even think about basic science questions? Maybe it takes a musician to remind us what science is? Maybe it's fun being part of that crowd? The lone dissenter never gets heard. Sigh.

But I keep listening to it. It's on the CD. When I burned my download onto a CD I thought of not burning that song, but then I thought I didn't want to miss even a minute of your singing -- but it's just like rubbing salt in the wound every time I hear it. It brings back all those bad childhood memories of kids picking on me.

Sorry to be a downer.

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