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ustream v. soundcheck

straightarrow372's picture
on December 4, 2010 - 6:51pm

Ok, I'm thinking about Josh's song "Hidden Away" and how we're not supposed to keep those words of kindness inside, which is an important message for me, as I tend to be critical. So I do want to make clear that I do really like the album "Illuminations," even though there are a couple of songs that bother me in some respects; and I did really appreciate being part of history with watching the Ustream concert (albeit recorded); and I particularly liked the soundcheck thing.

The Ustream concert was cool, because I felt like I got to see more of Josh maybe the way he really is backstage than before. I was struck by how open, vulnerable, and childlike he sometimes seems.

I would also like to particularly emphasize that I *love* "Voce Existe Em Mim." That's clearly my favorite on the album. I do wish that some day I'll get to see either a video or a live performance of the song *with* that all female drum group that was shown in the performance clip. They looked very interesting.

Now, really, though, why is it that Walmart, a discount department store, has a better quality recorded concert on Soundcheck, than Reprise Records has on Ustream? Doesn't that seem counter intuitive?

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