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on January 7, 2011 - 4:27pm

I've been patiently trying to watch the videos on VH1. It's painful, because you have to watch a commercial before each one -- and somehow I got into a top 40 list rather than the top 20 list & started watching the wrong videos -- grr.

So far, though, I hate to report that, while Josh remains my favorte performer, as far as videos go, I like Crystal Bowersox's video better. It really got me crying. The yarn thing was very moving, I thought, and she really was telling a high drama story from her heart. You get that with a first album, I think, where someone is not just creating songs because it's their business, but because they really have something to say.

It's not to say I would necessarily buy her album, because it was an awfully painful thing. I sort of think she's shown that she is a great actress and she definitely is going to have a career in show business.

Unfortunately, "Hidden Away" is not my favorite one of the songs on "Illuminations," plus I wasn't that thrilled with the video. It certainly has some good points, and that actress he chose, Miss Kentucky 2008 or 2009, she's really great -- but overall, well, I don't that much buy Josh's albums because of the videos. I think the Josh video I've liked best was the one for "February Song." -- except for "Remember" which was a movie trailer, and that was really outstanding.

In any case, as I mentioned in an earlier journal, I am wondering whether albums are the right way to go any more. I feel like such a bump on a log listening to an album. I want to be able to comment, to discuss with other audience members, like on YouTube. I want to have an interactive experience.

So, I supposed I could vote for "Hidden Away," merely because Josh remains my favorite artist -- but that wouldn't really be my favorite music video of the ones they have up there.

It's interesting. There don't seem to be many pop singers out there who are baritones. I wonder why that is. Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash were, but most of them seem to be tenors or even counter tenors. Is that because tenors tend to be more successful? Or is that becase baritones have different personalities from tenors and don't particularly want to be solo singers? Or is it because we've been culturally trained to listen for melody in the higher registers and harmony in the lower registers so we don't tend to notice when baritones are singing? Is that why Josh prefers to sing as a soloist most of the time, I wonder?

I notice a lot of his female fans want to sing duets with him, but he's a bit skittish about that idea.

Still, if you're not just blindly voting the way Josh asked, check out Crystal's video, too.

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