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watching the flying josh

straightarrow372's picture
on April 9, 2011 - 6:30pm

I don't actually know Josh, though I feel I know him. As he said he went to Poland, a place I've never been, though some of my ancestors were from there, I had a curious sensation as if I had thrown a baby bird into the sky & it flew off, high into the trees and gradually disappeared from view.

Perhaps it's because Poland used to be behind the Iron Curtain that now it still seems to me like such an alien place -- though I know it's really not. It's quite westernized and very much a part of the EU. Perhaps it's that childhood impression of grim division that clouds my vision now of my flying star.

Josh, who seems so intimately close when he vlogs for us, whose voice seems to be so overflowing with warmth that I almost feel it embraces me, flies so effortlessly "on great circles" as he says in "Hidden Away" that he seems to become something other than human, like a supernatural being in some way. I've been in airplanes myself. I know they're perfectly mundane in their own fashion -- and yet there is some miracle that happens when so seemingly magically someone ends up on the other side of the earth -- and yet sits there with a piano and is the same as he was here, and yet not the same ... flying from the arms of a princess.

"I am not an angel .. .I am just a man." Important to remember that, I guess, but it's baffling to me.

I guess, because I got so airsick when I was a kid and my parents made me fly -- a form of child abuse I now feel -- it's hard to imagine loving travel the way Josh does. Well, he may yet tire of it. He's still young.

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