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Found Love ?

Susabar's picture
on November 21, 2010 - 7:40am

No one could have been more excited than me about the release of a new Josh album. I was fortunate to get two tickets to one of Josh's pre-shows at the Shubert Theater in New Haven. I had an extra ticket still as the doors were about to open so I went near the box office hoping to find a taker. A lone man came out of left field and inquired about it and I sold him the ticket and asked for his name and address so I could mail him the CD. The seat was next to mine and when Josh asked if any couples were on a ," first date " this fellow jumped up and said , " Josh". We were invited to sit on the sofa on stage !!
Well, long story short... after that night my friends and I went on to NYC to GMA and to Barnes and Noble. When it was my turn to see Josh I told him that I thought this man was going to ask me out FOR REAL and what should I say if he does ? Josh said , " It's in the Universe, it's serendipity ! ".
This is TRUE ... I know it's too early to say,"found love ? " if I ever dated again he would have to be a Josh fan, and it would be great if he were in medicine ( like myself ) Oh, and lived at least 2 hours away !! LOLOL
Friday at work I received a huge bouquet of beautifil pink-tipped roses with Stargazer lillies from the man who someway or another our love for Josh brought us together !!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep ya' posted !!

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