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Happy 34th birthday, Josh!

suzannedefoor's picture
on February 27, 2015 - 8:13am

Wishing you a very successful and happy 2015. I am wishing your brother Chris a happy birthday too. That's pretty cool two brothers sharing the same birthday. We've a little something in common with the date of Feb. 27th. My late grandmother's birthday was Feb. 27th. I've been a fan of your ever since you appeared on the Grammy's with Celine Dion. Every since then, I've wished to be able to attend one of your concerts. My wish finally came true in 2013, when you were on your All That Echoes concert tour. I attended your Sacramento Sleep Train Arena concert with my dear friend Brent Vincent. Brent is also a huge fan of your music. In all the years I've attended many concerts, I must put your amazing concert on the top of my attended concerts. I was blown away by the whole production of your concert. The stage setting, the lighting, the musicans, the local choir, singer Judith Hill, and of course your very entertaining personality, along with your amazing voice was just outstanding. You interact with the audience so well; you're a natural at it. Your music has brought so much joy in my life, and I am looking forward to your new album, which will include songs from Broadway musicals. You're so ready for the Broadway stage, and I can't wait to see you perform under the Broadway lights. Thank you, too, for being such a great supporter of non-profit organizations. I especially like the to help schools keep the Arts alive for their students. I am a big supporter for keeping the Arts in the school system. You're truly blessed with an amazing voice. Thank you, Josh, for your beautiful and touching music. It touches my heart.

Please check out my facebook Josh Groban fan page @californiagrobanites.

Your #1 fan,
Suzanne De Foor

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