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Josh replied to my tweet

sweetsong34's picture
on March 7, 2011 - 12:30am

I was so surprised that Josh replied. I'm glad my comment was an encouragement to Josh. Passing on a love for music is important to him, and it's important to our family, too.

My son has an interest in guitar but rarely does he get it out to play. I've given him a few piano lessons, but he's more interested in guitar. He needs lessons, but we haven't found a classical guitar instructor yet. He really likes the song WK--it's the one track he really likes. He even put it on his laptop. My son's 13, about the same age Josh was when he wrote the song. It was amazing to see my son get motivated--all on his own-- to play an instrument. Now if only I could motivate him to pick up his clothes at the foot of his bed!

By the way, the bear in my twitter avatar belongs to my son. When he was six, I bought it for him at Josh's Closer tour concert in Ames, Iowa back in May 2004. Josh saw my son in the crowd and signed it. Every night for about a year, my son used to fall asleep with the Grobear tucked under his arm. Lots of good memories, thanks to Josh.

Christine :)

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