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Presale panic ensues...

sweetsong34's picture
on March 1, 2011 - 1:08am

It happens every time. The frenzy of fans in a rush to decide where they want to go, with whom, and when the presale begins. My hope is that we Grobies don't single-handedly take down Ticketmaster and at 10:01am on Wednesday. And I have that pit-of-my stomach, shakey-hands feeling already!
Funny, you'd think these being my eighth and ninth shows, I'd be used to this. It would be nice to get tickets without all the nerves.

I was thinking, having the presales all at once may help slow down a few scalpers and help fans get decent tickets. (I still don't like what TM did--all front row and hotseats are outrageously expensive for many of us. No more front row at regular price. Oh well, at least we had our front row experience in 2007 at Milwaukee and Green Bay.Wonderful. )

So here's the dilemma. I have to buy tickets while at work (if the network doesn't block me) I answer phones, my desk is out in the open, and I'd hate to disappoint my boss by buying tickets at work. I wish I didn't have to buy them at work, but I don't want to miss out either.

Second dilemma: which venue to go for first, Milwaukee, Chicago, or Green Bay? Not sure about Chicago. There's just barely enough time to get there, even if traffic is good.

Anyway, I'm going to Moline, and now GB, Chicago, and Milwaukee are up. My hubby thinks I've lost my mind. Guess Josh's concerts do that to us :)

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