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on November 13, 2009 - 7:46am

A neighbor of mine is picking up this morning so we can do her errands together. I have no errands but she wants me to drive because she is tired. I don't know am I being used? I haven't seen her in a while so I suppose she wants to talk too. We are friends but I feel as if sometimes she uses me, and sadly I let her. She calls in the morning and asks what I am doing that day. If my plans including going shopping she give me a list of what I can get for her. it usually includes beer which I don't drink. She drinks more than I do and I know her husband doesn't like but she doesn't go anywhere when she does drink so in that way she is safe. I have only seen her really drunk once or twice and we were far from home at her cabin up north and it was late and we no plans to go anywhere. I want to ask her why she feels she has to drink as much as she does alone but I don't want to grill her make her feel uncomfortable because is rather controlling and I don't want to make her life any more difficult. I feel writing about this here knowing it is available for so many people to see but I don't know how many people really will.

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