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on August 16, 2011 - 7:32am

I have loved Josh Groban since the moment he first turned up on the music scene and Alley McBeal. He was my Mothers favorite singer as well as mine. I am praying that Josh Groban sees this before he comes to Winnipeg for his concert.
My Mom who was my best friend, my role model, my everything passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack December of 2010 just 8 short months ago at the age of 49. She was the most amazing person that I knew always giving to others and raised 3 children on her own.
I have made it my mission since she died to do kind of a bucket list of things for her, things she always wanted to do and never got the chance. For instance I am going to Afrcia within the next year to do some volunteering in honor of her. This was her biggest dream.
I am hoping that Josh Groban will help me with one of the things on the bucket list. Just a couple of months before she died I got engaged. Her and I were going to dance to "You raise Me Up" which has always been our song. I am going to Josh's concert in September bought floor seats 2 of them. I dont know if I will fill the other one, I may keep it for her. What I am asking is not a lot...... All I want is for Josh Groban to dedicate mine and my Mom's song to her. Her name is Laura middle name Susanna. She always joked that one day Josh would serenade her like he did Gayle on Oprah.
I have most of Winnipeg backing me up on this and created a facebook group around it.
PLEASE Josh Groban please sing a song for my Mom. Thank you <3

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