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I'm back! - my story

theboyzmommom's picture
on March 7, 2011 - 7:06pm

I don't know how many people will actually read this, but I thought I'd write it anyway. I joined the fan club in 2008, but in 2010 when I needed to renew, I just didn't have the money and had to cut something (unfortunately it had to be Josh). I found out a few days ago via email, that Josh was coming to Florida. I've wanted to see him so bad (because I've never been to a concert) that I was driving myself crazy! I posted on facebook that Josh was coming and did anyone want to go with me (because in my husband's words "I'd rather get a root canal than go see Josh Groban, but I'd go before you had to go alone" - nice huh? Really couldn't wait to take him (sense the sarcasm). An old friend posted that she'd love to. I knew that tickets went on sale Saturday at 10, and since at the time I wasn't a member, I had to wait until then to buy them. To top it off, I had NO idea how I was going to afford the tickets, but I knew I was going, I wasn't going to cut Josh again! The girlfriend who said she'd like to go with me, texted me Friday afternoon that an Orlando radio station was giving away a pair of tickets to see Josh. While driving to my parent's house, I search the radio's facebook site to get the telephone number and the time I had to listen for the Josh song to play to be caller #10 (don't worry, I was at a red light while using the phone). When I got to my parent's, my mom had her cell phone and house phone ready, along with my cell phone (and of course my girlfriend was ready as well, and we made a deal we'd take each other if the other won). My phone rang while I was waiting for the Josh song to play and I had to tell my bestfriend "I can't talk, I'll call you after I win Josh Groban tickets". Long story short - I WON!!!!!!!! As soon as I got done fainting (well not really, but close enough), my 5 year old looked out the window and said "look mommy, a rainbow" and when I called my bestfriend back to tell her I won, she told me that when we hung up she said a prayer "that I've been working so hard at my new (teacher) job and that I deserved this" and, I WON! I truely think God wanted this for me! Anyway, after that I decided to rejoin the site, because I am feeling lucky, maybe I can win backstage tickets or something (hey who knows, right!?)! Oh, and of course a deal is a deal - the one girl who was willing to pay to go with me from day one, will now get to go with me for free! Well that's my "I'm back" story. Thanks for reading it if you were intested! Can't wait to catch up with old friends on here!! :)

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