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Josh's Latest Spam! A Lovelss Marriage.

themoon's picture
on June 23, 2013 - 6:20am

Josh is a silly creative man who is SO sweet he has to find some way to try to be bad. Like his Dreamboat Millionaire Bad Ass Asshole video, in twitter. Have you seen it! You must take a peek.
I didn't want to lose his latest spam. Sometimes he writes really mean things, erases it, and then puts a dot in the comment space. Sometimes I follow suit. Here is one of his profiles. He has been deleting my profiles for years, until I finally used the mrsjoshgroban name. Then he blocked her from the community! He loves to be odd, and rude in acting. Does it VERY well now. VERY WELL. I like it when he spells his name wrong, and steals his own letters.
Here it is...

What are the spammers doing here after polite ask to leave site?!
Well, I can tell that the mrsgrobin profile wants to marry the brother of Josh and there is something about a blue dress. She only wants to marry him if he is a millionair, otherwise she marries a student medicine, so she must be still very young. All the more reason for her own social status to stop stalking. Not for a moment but forever. She is spamming because she found out that lots of money is given away in projects to help.
Themoon is a devorced lady who did put her future on the line by stalking and spamming here. A long time ago Josh took her out to dinner for she felt heartbroken about her own broken marriage, just being a friend for her in need. After that dinner she only talked about wanting to re-marry some other man, while Josh was only kind to a good friend he knew from his teenagetime. Unbelievable what kind of language I did see before letters were taken away from the spamcomment. No kid should have to read that. She is stalking and spamming on this site (and other things that show of non-respect) because Josh never wanted to marry her. Than she wanted to force him into a loveless marriage because after her devorce she wasn't very rich any more just very wealthy. (Can you believe that?) When Josh refused and kindly asked her to find other friends to talk to about her grief, well the fury of a woman put down is all over her spam and stalks, there for all to touch it. It is very common that a man or a woman have a change of heart about friendship and it is almost allways because of the actions of the other like in this case.

So that is why Josh and his team want that the spammers leave on their own behaviour and will, because we all want the ladies to let go and go on with their own lifes and be happy. Be so kind ladies to make up your minds and leave this site with your dreamboat and keep your promises to stay away forever on your own. Hunting season is over!

P.S. How did I know? I got some time on my hands + a clear mind and I am only the messenger for I got so much help because the stalkers never did shut up and with every word of spam their shadows became persons and after that known persons. How I love YOUTUBE. I promise that if the stalkers/spammers leave and never come back on this site that all the outcome of their stalk/spam stay in the safe, just to be sure.

He is sure ;) And sure is as odd as I amm. SEE you (m)arry (m)e'd u again. Computer genius...and telepathy master.

Probably saving and printing it all for a memory album. Crazy. Stupid. In. Love.

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