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It's in the air

thestickybunlady's picture
on March 16, 2010 - 8:12pm

Hello my fellow Grobbies! What is it lately, everyone seems in the same mood. It must be in the air. Everyone is tired, wants a nap, things are going wrong. Don't want to go to work. Nothing on the boards going on. Creative flow is down. I had a hard time deciding what to wear today. I have been late for work the last two days. The chain came off on the toilet, I hate when that happens. I forgot to get gas on the way home, I don't work tomorrow lets hope I don't forget on Friday.
First let me say I feel for you about the sump pump flooding. That happened to us where we used to live, then this past fall the water heater went and flooded the basement. Lot of work to clean up and hard on the back. Did I mention that our washer went the next week. And the car, let me tell you everytime its close to my birthday the car breaks down and my husband says Happy Birthday. For our Anniversary once I got Ball Joints!!! That might not settle with some but I have a good sense of humor and well if its the present verse the muffler well then I would pick the muffler. Did I tell you once I got a muffler for Mother's day. It really is a joke in my house, none the less the truth! When my kids are out of the house I'll get a real gift.
Anyway I think I know what's wrong......We need a Josh fix. Josh if your out there..somewhere in Grobania your Grobanites need some uplifting!!!!! We need to replace all this gloom with some sunshine!
I hope everyone has a good nights rest, and that tomorrow is a better day! Smile at someone cranky tomorrow it ticks them off!! Take care!

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