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3 concerts in 5 day!

TJ918JH325's picture
on September 1, 2011 - 10:59am

First of all, yes, I know how blessed I was to see all these concerts. I have alot of gratitude! This was my 35th wedding aniv. present from my husband. He went with me to all 3 of them! I already wrote about Portland. Josh, I know you have a bus and staff, but you must get exhausted after awhile! I also threw a workday in there before leaving for Vancouver. The event staff were great. Thanks Uma! We met wonderful people from all over and we are sending pics to each other. Seattle loves Josh and he loved us back! only downside is that no autographs were allowed. But, his band, my God, what an incredible group of talented , happy and gorgeous performers. They were having so much fun. Finally, in Vancouver, one of my text messaged questions was chosen. I was in the second row. I had learned he loves really quirky ones, so I went with that. His answer was really funny. that night we followed a lovely family who knew right where his bus was parked. got to see Sweeney up close! josh signed and then was off!
Back to reality. Work, getting my baby ready to move to the dorms for university. But, these dream 5 days will get me through alot. My husband said that as I fell asleep after sitting on stage in Portland, I had the sweetest smile on my face. Thnk you tom and josh!! Thank you to all the great Grobanites we met in 3 cities. Grateful does not begin to describe how I feel!!

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