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Bittersweet August

TJ918JH325's picture
on March 7, 2011 - 11:37am

This is my first journal entry. I first saw Josh on Ally mc Beal and thought, This kid could go places. Loo at him now. An elderly friend re introduced me to Josh almost 3 years ago. I drove her around on errands. One day, she said, here listen to this while we drive. It was one of your CDs. Within a week, I owned all that were available. My wondeful husband got me tix to all 3 PAC NW concerts at the end of August !! Magic Man!
The bittersweet part is that I have an incredible HS senior. That's about when he will be going away to college. So as much as I can't wait for your concerts in Seattle,etc, I am squeezing every precious second out of watching my baby , sometimes surly 18 yr old, graduate and get ready to fly! Your mom must have felt the same way about you and your brother. My son's name is Chris, just like your bro! Seattle is normally beautiful in late August. But right now in March, time canslow down a bit as I get ready for an empty nest! I will use your songs to cheer me up. By the way, I get no end of grief from this fine man for being one of your super fans! Still love him. His mom, Geri

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