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What a fan will do foran autographed lithograph

TJ918JH325's picture
on September 28, 2011 - 8:53pm

Tonight by 1 second I lost out on the JG lithograph being auctioned on Ebay for the last 10 days. My daughter was yelling at me to type faster and i couldn't. congrats to the winner. So, I decide without thinking of the ramifications to offer the winner's bid amount for another lithograph on the Facebook site for josh. What a silly idea I now realize. How would I ever determine that the person talking to me was a rep for Josh's company. ID theft is rampant out there. I doubt I would ever hear from someone reputable. So, i will wait and see. i don't have my hopes up and I am OK with that. hopefully I will get to the NYC concert and that is enough. A chance to hear the man with the golden voice is such a treat. Good night.

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