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ONE : Discovery

Verda3g's picture
on March 22, 2012 - 7:14pm

All right, let's start a journal. It will help me to practice my english at first and to talk to you even if your not reading ``well it doesn't matter``

The first day that i heard you was in 2002, on the radio and i was completly amazed. I said to myself : Wow! I called my husband and he liked the tone of your voice too. The next week, i bought the first cd *Josh Groban*. The next year i wentl to barbados (on vacation ) with your cd on me, of course . Since my cd is scratched. because of those songs:
*cinema paradisio(se)
*canto alla vita
*un amore per sempre
*home to stay
*to where you are

and.. it's difficult to resist, I love all the songs. I know that you were at your debut and i knew that you will be a BIG star one day.... so I adopted you.

Thanks to David Foster!!

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