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There are conflicts between China and the United States clouds

vijaykumar's picture
on August 24, 2012 - 9:20am

Cheap Oakley SunglassesA symbol of peace and friendship of the world sports event in London just to drop the curtain. Then the debt crisis, Syria war between China and Japan and South Korea territorial disputes again as haze over the whole world. For this situation, a French media made more pessimistic voice, says the world war ii are likely to explode again.

Hong Kong medium review club quoted France "le figaro" on August 21, it said, if the 21st century between countries is not the relationship between sports competition but war, how should do? This is not impossible.

This paper points out that, obviously it is difficult to predict the form of war, but can feel the world is difficult birth a new power equilibrium. The international organization (the United Nations, the world trade organization, etc.) powerless. Financial crisis, economic depression and the impact of deficit - bankruptcy, poverty, unemployment, etc. - equivalent to a conflict consequences.

Monetary and economic war is not likely, but already exists. In some areas of industrial destroyed, be moved to other areas. Population accounts for 60% of the new generation neither work, also can't see into the future. Some of them to survive and tried to come to European countries. But Europe also have been crisis impact.

Cheap Oakley SunglassesSocial tensions caused by unsafe atmosphere. Riots from time to time, burning times new immigrants gathered suburbs. In these blocks, a little violence is burning. The crime rate is on the rise, the use of firearms is very common, even used to deal with the police.

Increasingly form population differentiation, each group control own sites. This is not civil war, but it's civil war of the medium. Who dare say 20 years will be what circumstances?

The Middle East is the epicenter of world situation. Here, a hidden since the conflict in all conditions are ready. A bargain here contact: Israel, Pakistan, Iran may soon join them. The border dispute continuously, water for endlessly, religious against existing for a long time. Contain abundant oil is the main factor. The world powers have been involved, just like Syria current situation.

The situation is reproduced into power forces (tsarist Russia, the austro-hungarian empire, Ottoman empire) Balkan war. The first world war it was from there was unveiled. Between China and the United States really do exist serious conflict of dark clouds, but is often secondary friction causes a chain reaction.

Cheap Oakley SunglassesTo avoid falling into determinism, the only reason, compromise scheme can lull tensions. Things out suddenly is the historical process of the basic law. But all kinds of crisis (financial crisis, economic crisis and social crisis) occur at the same time, religious conflict and population flow caused by unstable, asked people must be vigilant, that is to say the danger of war as a reasonable hypothesis.

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