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Josh at the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith
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André Bénéré
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André Bénéré
St. Louis, MO October 19, 2015

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The Frazee Pavilion

From the concert: 
Kettering, OH

On a near perfect afternoon in central Ohio, Greengroban and I left for Kettering...a place we had never been. (Nothing could keep us from wandering the countryside to hear Josh sing...we've travelled to Hollywood to hear him so this is nothing new)For some unknown reason I had purchased six tickets for this venue. Two I sold to some younger girls and two I kept for Sue and me.
After grabbing a bite to eat we decided to explore. We met SandraKay and were very happy to see her.SandraKay hugged me so hard, I thought I was going to fall down. ( At the time I was using a walker)

We saw a lady walking her dog and we asked if she lived nearby. We told her all about Josh and encouraged her to go see him if she could. Then I gave her the last two tickets....I hope that she
used them. WEll, we're off to find our seats.

Upon entering the seated area I was somewhat confused,yes,,,,these were our seats, They were
smack dab in the center..up front and personal.....to saaay the least. We could reach out a grab Josh's ankles if we wanted. With each song, it was as though he was singing to me.........only....
solo por ti. As the evening went on..the blue skies were shining with stars so bright and Josh's voice filled the Kettering venue with soothing sounds completing the perfect day.

Josh in Detroit

From the concert: 
Detroit, MI

I love Josh's voice and I have all his CDs. I was disappointed in the Josh Groban concert in Detroit. He felt his celebrity status gave him the right to pander to those who lean left by trashing those who lean right. The crowd cheered as he went political. He remarked that he hoped that the Fox theater was not owned by Fox news. He made several totally unnecessary homo-erotic comments. I went to hear him sing. He needed to do that, instead of such negative and political rhetoric.
Further, the singer he had with him was more appropriately found in a heavy metal band than in the ballad and show tune genre for which Josh is known. Again, the crowd cheered. It seemed to me that no matter what he may have said or done, they were overwhelmed by being at his concert.

The Meet&Greet that wasn't

From the concert: 
San Francisco, CA

Sincerely glad so many people had such a great time. Just a warning: never BUY a Meet & Greet package! Never do it. It is not a meet and greet. It is only a 3 second photo op, being shoved into the spot before the next person has even left, being told not to talk or anything, just get out because verrrry long line. And the photo is so bad you can never look at it, much less share it. And in between, for 3 hours you have to stay in a room that is like a junior high gym, with a few sandwiches that look like leftovers and a little bowl of salad that looks like it spent the afternoon in the trunk of someone's car. And you can't leave, even to go buy a glass of wine or a program. For over $500 dollars.

Indianapolis October 14, 2015

The show was just AMAZING! I took my daughters and we waited after the concert at his bus. He high-fived the girls, autographed their posters, and talked with them. It made their night. He was so sweet (as I expected). I have seen him every time he has come to Indy and he never disappoints, and he loves his fans! My girls talked about that experience all the way home. What a wonderful memory for them to have. Thank you Josh for a wonderful evening and a lasting impression!

Josh Groban

From the concert: 
Louisville, KY



From the concert: 
Boston, MA

We went to see Josh in Boston ,and i always wanted to meet him,so when i won
a MEET &GREET with him i got very exited!!
What could i say to him,that he music helpt me through very difficult times?
What if i could not speak at all?
We stood in line,and i met some sweet Grobanites!
And then there was Josh!!!Smiling and very relax making everybody feeling good
including me!!
When it was my turn ,i was no longer nervous,it felt like i knew Josh all my life!
I brought him a little present from Holland.He thankt me for it and said ,nice of you.
His concert was so wonderfull,his warm and sensitive voice sounded so beautifull!!!
This i will remember all my life!!!

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