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stages capitole Gent 15 05 2016
Morillon 2005

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From the concert: 
New York, NY

I will try to express in words the emotion I experienced in Stages concert.
Contrary to what it was during the whole week, I was not nervous all day. I went alone to NY, I took the subway toward the Kings Theatre which is in Brooklyn. It was quite a trip walking some blocks. The sun was intense. I stopped in front of the theater and took some pictures, then went to get my ticket that would give me access to the Meet & Greet. I met other fans, shook hands and entered the theater. The luxury and beauty of the place I could not capture in photographs. It is imposing, red, gold, beige and various shades of pink. We were received by Darren who is always very kind and kept us company all the time. The M&G that I won, did not give access to vip party, only to the photo. People who had vip went to the party, I do not know if Josh was there, and then went on to take the picture elsewhere. We waited with Darren in the theater lobby. Some merchant items were exposed. I bought an item as a gift for one of my Grobanites friends.
Darren explains that we could get an autograph and picture would be taken by the official photographer. He talked to me in Portuguese, so I asked if he could translate what I said to Josh. He said he did not need to do that. He said for me to speak in English slowly and Josh will understand. We entered the theater and Josh was in the hallway right where a small line formed. I hoped all fans had entered the line because I wanted to be the last. Darren told me, can’t kiss. And I said, on the day of autograph you do not let me embrace him and today I can embrace but can’t kiss? Next M & G can I? He spoiled my joy and said NO. lol Whenever he looked at me he repeated, can’t kiss. Darren lived in Brazil and he knows, it's usual hug and kiss every time the Brazilians would meet friends or when they are introduced to someone. We are affectionate with everyone.
Anyway, it's my turn to have my picture taken. I had rehearsed, several things to tell him, but when I got close, Josh extends his hand and says: “Hi, nice to meet you. How are you?” After hearing his voice, I couldn’t remember anything else. I shook his hand, smiled, answered, “Nice to meet you too”! Then, I gave him my photo book, he autographed and gave it back to me. Then I put my hand around his waist and hugged him tight. He puts his hand on my shoulder and I thrust my head on his shoulder. Ahhh! I was in the most comfortable place in the world. I was in his arms and time had stopped! There is no smell, just the softness of that slender body that I was hugging firmly. The photographer is Brazilian and takes the picture that I accessed later on the site provided for them. I thanked Josh and he tells: “Have fun at the concert, wish you have a pleasant evening. I expect you will like it.” If it wasn’t already difficult to speak, after I heard him say that I was speechless. I thanked him again and left. It was only a few minutes but it is an eternal memory for me!
All the people who were at the M&G went out and we were waiting for the concert to begin! We waited 30 minutes. I entered the theater again and sat in my seat. I took a few pictures of the theater and the theater security tells me I couldn’t use the camera during the concert. I told him that would keep it in my bag, but I lied. The first chords ring and Josh enters singing PURE IMAGINATION. My heart beats fast. I try to take some pictures and start filming. Some people arrive late and disturb my video. Several times the security asked me to put the camera away, but I tried to film and photograph secretly. Cameras and video cameras were not allowed! Only cell phones were allowed, but my cell already had low battery. The concert was wonderful. He sang some songs accompanied by the orchestra and some only with the pianist. Tariq playing the guitar was spectacular.
Lena Hall accompanied Josh singing two duets and two solo: Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney) and Save Me (Queen). She was amazing. A beautiful voice, young and she has her own way of presenting her songs. When she sang Save me she gesticulated like a rocker. Traditional fans who were close to me didn’t like. I loved it.
Josh uses a black graffiti suit that seems to change color with the lights and white shirt. I insist on taking some hidden photos and so I took a video of ANTHEM. The curtain falls for an interval of 15 minutes and the security came to say that I had to give him my camera and he would return it to me at the exit. But I was afraid to surrender my camera, thinking he would delete what I had done? I resisted and said, “I didn’t understand what he was talking about!” Then, he said if I didn’t give my camera to him that I would be removed from the theater! Lol! So, I told him, I’ll keep my camera in the bag and I promise I will not use it more. He allows me and leaves. I could no longer take any pictures and the photos I took were not very good because I took it secretly. I managed to record the moment and that was enough for me.
The concert resumes and Josh comes back in black jeans, white shirt and black blazer. When he sits on the stool, I almost had a heart attack! His voice spreads into the theater and the feeling is of being in paradise. There is nothing to compare with what I saw and heard there. He talks between songs, tells jokes. He announces the return of Lena Hall but she was not ready. He sings alone. When Lena comes back they’re still joking about her delay. They sing together and then she sings the last solo. The participation of coral is small and beautiful. The scenery is magnificent. The scenes that simulated locations according to the interpreted music were projected on a semi-transparent curtain. The concert proceeds as if Josh called friends and sing for them. As if he was in the privacy of his home only with special people. I felt so special! He is not only a handsome man. He has a majestic talent that overflows on stage. The powerful voice enters through the ears and reaches the heart and soul. When he sings the high notes of YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE, I don’t restrain myself and I start to cry. I know, this is nothing new but I really can’t control it! My emotion is intense. He says goodbye, thanks and the audience at the concert acclaims him with applause, shouts and me in tears Lol! He returns and sings SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW and I keep crying. He finishes the song and he says goodbye again. More applause and tears. It’s the end of my big night. My satisfaction is immeasurable. My happiness is full. I finally had the first full Josh’s concert. I’m now counting the days for the new meeting. I come home with the confidence that it is worth all the effort I made to see him because the pleasure and excitement that Josh Groban gives me is greater than all. I'm sure if you believe in the realization of your dream it’s already half of the achievement.

Hats off to you

From the concert: 
Stockholm, SE

On thursday May 5th I sat down in my seat to watch you live for the third time in my life. I felt the same way like the two times before. Goofy happy! So filled with joy and with a big smile on my face and all bubbly inside.
Of course I cried when you made your entrance...happy tears of course.

Stages manchester

From the concert: 
Manchester, UK

I forgot to say that I also met two lovely ladies sitting next to me who made me feel so included and made it so much nicer enjoying the experience with them!


From the concert: 
Manchester, UK

I missed the Stages Tour last year and gave my ticket away, wanted to go to Birmingham on Saturday but couldn't , so in the middle of listening to Josh on a CD I decided to have a look at future concerts! One in Manchester and a seat in Row E! It was meant to be, I drove three hours yesterday and am so glad I did! I love musical theatre and felt Josh gave so much feeling and meaning to those songs! Thank You!
The journey home was a bit of an adventure too! Closed junctions so a few detours round Birmingham! All part of the fun!

My first concert

From the concert: 
Amsterdam, NL

This was my first Josh Groban concert. I'm a 16 year old girl and I can tell you there aren't much people at my age who lov eJosh Groban as much as I do. Such a shame! they are missing so many beautiful sounds and feeling. This concert was defenitely not my last, his music is so moving, I wanted to cry when he walked off stage. I wanted to cry because that perfect moment was over, a perfect moment that lasted for 2 hours, one of the best two hours of my life so far. I'm so greatfull for the fact that I have been a part of those magical hours. Thank you Josh, for this unforgettable moment.

stages capitole Gent

From the concert: 
Ghent, BE

after years of being a fan, this evening was mine :-) 1st concert of Josh Groban was more than I'd ever expected!!

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