Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.


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Greensboro, NC



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New York, NY

I will try to express in words the emotion I experienced in Stages concert.

Hats off to you

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Stockholm, SE

On thursday May 5th I sat down in my seat to watch you live for the third time in my life. I felt the same way like the two times before. Goofy happy! So filled with joy and with a big smile on my face and all bubbly inside.
Of course I cried when you made your entrance...happy tears of course.

Stages manchester

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Manchester, UK

I forgot to say that I also met two lovely ladies sitting next to me who made me feel so included and made it so much nicer enjoying the experience with them!


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Manchester, UK

I missed the Stages Tour last year and gave my ticket away, wanted to go to Birmingham on Saturday but couldn't , so in the middle of listening to Josh on a CD I decided to have a look at future concerts! One in Manchester and a seat in Row E! It was meant to be, I drove three hours yesterday and am so glad I did! I love musical theatre and felt Josh gave so much feeling and meaning to those songs! Thank You!
The journey home was a bit of an adventure too! Closed junctions so a few detours round Birmingham! All part of the fun!

My first concert

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Amsterdam, NL

This was my first Josh Groban concert. I'm a 16 year old girl and I can tell you there aren't much people at my age who lov eJosh Groban as much as I do. Such a shame! they are missing so many beautiful sounds and feeling. This concert was defenitely not my last, his music is so moving, I wanted to cry when he walked off stage. I wanted to cry because that perfect moment was over, a perfect moment that lasted for 2 hours, one of the best two hours of my life so far. I'm so greatfull for the fact that I have been a part of those magical hours. Thank you Josh, for this unforgettable moment.

stages capitole Gent

From the concert: 
Ghent, BE

after years of being a fan, this evening was mine :-) 1st concert of Josh Groban was more than I'd ever expected!!


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Amsterdam, NL

It was Past Fryday an beautifull Sunny day!And it was JOSH day!
WE (my daughter and i) walkt to the HMH.First something to eat in the REST and then to our places
in the Theater.I had been there befor when Josh sung in 2011.We had good places with a fine look at the stage.
I met one of the FOJG members, that was very nice to meet someone you are in touch with over the years !
And there was Josh,big smile, started right away to talk about some funny and more serieus things.
Of cause when you are a long time FAN you know a lot of this stuff but it,s Always good to here him tell about his live!
Then he started to sing,it felt like his voice getting better all the time!!!!It,s Always an very emotinal performens for

Welcome to the land down under - well nealy here I suppose!

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Cape Town, South Africa

Hey man! You must be nearly in Oz! Feel like I've had these tickets forever!
Bringing the in-laws and Dad - have converted them!
Can't wait to see who you've chosen for the duets. Would have given my eye teeth to sing in your choir!
Being a music theatre tragic (and history buff), have long awaited this album! Friday night at the gorgeous Opera House will be a welcome relief from my increasingly tough time with my 6 y.o. daughter who has a severe intellectual disability. Some respite shall we say! An escape - to a world of pure imagination! Oh, and just a Josh and a few hundred other people! (Sounds like a Sondheim song!) Do you still do the audience sing with you bits?

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