Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.


From the concert: 
Boston, MA

We went to see Josh in Boston ,and i always wanted to meet him,so when i won
a MEET &GREET with him i got very exited!!
What could i say to him,that he music helpt me through very difficult times?
What if i could not speak at all?
We stood in line,and i met some sweet Grobanites!
And then there was Josh!!!Smiling and very relax making everybody feeling good
including me!!
When it was my turn ,i was no longer nervous,it felt like i knew Josh all my life!
I brought him a little present from Holland.He thankt me for it and said ,nice of you.
His concert was so wonderfull,his warm and sensitive voice sounded so beautifull!!!
This i will remember all my life!!!


From the concert: 
Wallingford, CT

Parking at this venue was horrific.
We were lucky but many missed a significant part of the concert.
The concert started over 20 minutes late due to the traffic situation.

Loved the last Josh Groban concert I attended ( with my daughter ) in New Haven but this concert was not what We paid for. We paid to hear his amazing voice ( and comedic entertaining personality)!

Instead we heard some Josh but too much Lena Hall. They did a duet of All I Ask of YOu which did not compare at all to the Kelly Clarkson duet with Josh on the album. The other duet was a song not on the album, which I did not enjoy either.

A beautiful concert experience

From the concert: 
Toronto, ON

I bought my ticket to the second Toronto show on a whim. I'm glad I listened to that whim. I managed to snag a 5th row seat. I met a fellow Grobanite I'd spoken with briefly on livenation's Facebook post of the show, and I ended up sitting next to her at the show. I think I've made a friend. The two seats in front of us were empty, so the view we had was unobstructed. The second show was an even more magical experience, and more than well worth the price I paid for it. He performed "If I Can't Love Her" after a Twitter poll, and had a little fun throwing the Blue Jays into Over The Rainbow. The next time Josh returns to Toronto, you can bet I will be in the audience.

My Dream Come True

From the concert: 
Toronto, ON

I've been a fan of Josh since the beginning, but hadn't been able to attend a concert. Until this one. I can't begin to explain how beautiful the experience was to finally hear his voice organically rather than on a recorded CD. The only things separating his voice from my ears were a microphone, soundboard, and the speakers. After the show, I met him briefly at the stage door, and asked for a quick photo. Security said no, but Josh immediately said, "If you lean in while I'm signing something, we'll do it." Thanks for that, Josh! There will be many, many more concerts in my future.

Tickets for sale 9/17/15

From the concert: 
New York, NY - 11/14/2011

Hey everyone...
I bought two tickets several months ago for my husband and myself to go to the concert in Pittsburgh on 9/17/15 but since then I got a new job and they won't let me off work at all or I could lose my job. So it pains me but I'm looking to sell the two tickets for the Josh's concert in Pittsburgh this thursday. Please let me know if you can make it! I paid 175 a ticket but willing to negotiate.

Maxine Barber

From the concert: 
Syracuse, NY

Thank You Josh for Not Forgetting About New Orleans!~~

Just wanted to say, thank you Josh for not forgetting about New Orleans. Some artist do...We love seeing you here and I cannot wait to see you in New Orleans this year, 2015, at The Saenger Theater in October! I have a Meet and Greet with you and I am so excited to mee you finally....I am 60 years old now and a retired elementary school teacher.... Your music is such good education for kids these days! How wonderful fo rthem to hear the type of muic you perform! New Orleans loves you and so glad you are coming abck again.... God bless you and look forward to meeting you soon.

Carolyn Louise Chehardy

Grand Rapids Concert

Had just another incredible evening at the ATE concert. Was lucky enough to have a M&G with Josh. Came bearing gifts for Josh and the incredible Groband. Met up with Ruslan, Christian, Andre, And Dave at the busses after the show.

To Josh Groban

From the concert: 
London, ONT - 07/19/2011

Dear Josh Groban
I love the song higher window I heard that you're from London Ontario that's the city I live in you are so good at what you do that's why I'm writing to you. You're a very nice person well josh I can't think of anything else to tell you

From Ellen Bjerkek

p.s. take good care of yourself and josh, I was born in Toronto and then my family and I moved to London.
Chow signing off, I'm just trying to be funny just joking with you. One more thing josh I'm also a fan of Sarah Birgtmams as well I hope you come back and do another concert in London. I would really like to hear you sing if the tickets are not to expensive and I know you love Celine Dion, I know the feeling I love her to

First Josh Groban Concert

From the concert: 
8/30 Boston, MA Tanglewood

Today is my first day as an official FOJB member! However, I have been a Josh Groban fan since 2004. My first Josh Groban concert was on August 29, 2005 - the Closer Tour (2004-2005). Funny story, though - Although it was nearly 11 years ago, I can still remember the experience. I was a freshman in high school and I got a call from my friend. Her mom had an extra ticket to the Josh Groban concert the next day. I was thrilled to see my friend and excited for the show. I knew Josh's music, but I don't think I was expecting much. So, the next day, myself, my friend, her mom (my piano teacher), and a nun….yes, a nun….piled in a car and headed from CT to Tanglewood. I can remember picnicking on the Tanglewood lawn and waiting for the show to begin.