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Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

the bedpost story

the bedpost story. i hope you don't mind the lead up to the actual happening, 'cuz the whole concerts are events for me. maybe you'll let me tell "shirtless josh!"? i saw that too. i'm pretty sure that i'm the first grobie who has seen that delicious sight.
the bedpost story, louisville, "closer" tour. i'm not the only grobie who saw this, but i'm the only one who's written about it.

I love Josh!

I added this by mistake and I can't delete it for some reason. So I am just gonna say........ I LOVE JOSH!!!!

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I have seen Josh Groban 3 times in concert and will continue as long as he does! To be able to see him sing is such a thrill. You can really see his soulfulness that comes out in his music. I would truly love to know what is behind the words of his songs, I just know that there is a story there! I really don't know what years I have seen him in concert, only that he gets better everytime!

the red t shirts lauderdale please choose the "read more" option to get to the t shirt part.

hi all, DOG=daughter of a grobanite, josh-speak. here's the story,...the flying red t shirts, "josh live!" tour, lauderdale.
how do i think the only grobies to hear/see this? glow lights. we were the only people in our section, who had them and they all looked at us strangely, when we brought them out. DOG and i sat down into seats which we knew were great. piano stage end, up just a bit, perfect view of backstage. we saw the groband running around, zack, tim, tariq, out of costume. me, "molli! look! LOOK!" we were happy, happy! the people looking at us! not knowing what they are seeing. the lady next to molli, "is this your first josh concert?" molli, "nooo! what is this mom? my fourth?" me, "yes, baby." me to lady, "it's my fifth. i just got back from seeing him in paris." the lady, "you went all that way just for josh?" me, "yes! i love him." the lady, "oh! you're one of those!" told her going to see him in a few days again, the lady,"stop! you're scary!" omj! darn. grobies way up behind us, heard us talking and they hollered, "what's your username?" i told them. they said, "we've read your posts. you're funny." that was the first time anyone recognized my username.

Scotiabank Place Feb 27th in Ottawa

From the concert: 
Ottawa - 2007-02-27

I was lucky enough to score three tickets to Josh Grobans' concert here in Ottawa three years ago. Took my mother and BFF, and we sat front row, second deck. I remember having tears in my eyes as the show started, knowing this was a very special event. The music took me to a place of beauty, sorrow, and joy. We were enthralled when Josh suddenly appeared unexpectedly right beneath us following an instrumental piece, and began singing in a brilliant blaze of multicoloured light. He appeared to have a genuinely engaging stage presence, and managed to make the large venue appear much more intimate and fun. Kudos to all the incredible musicians and sound-tek-geeks; Scotiabank Place accoustics can sound really messy if not tweaked carefully.

Josh Groban Awake Tour


I spent the night before the concert recording Josh's cd's to tapes cause the cd player had stopped working in my car, so I got 0 sleep. I left my house at 7 am cause I didn't want to go in the heat of the day, no ac. I got to SLC and parked my car in a parking garage with no name. I noted landmarks, a 200 street and a Chase bldg. and went on my way.
I couldn't believe it when I heard that this was the concert that was being recorded!!!! (Yes I made it to the dvd for a blip second). It was incredible!!!!
I went to the back of the venue hoping to meet him and waited...and waited...and waited. I was just about ready to leave when they said he was coming out. I got a 2 sentence convo and an autograph!!! I was in Heaven!!


I was able to fly to Pheonix and spend the week with 2 wonderful grobies. I had so much fun and it will be a week I will never forget. I don't really remember much about the concert except that I took a lot of pics that were too fuzzy to see anything. What I really remember is the stuff I did with my Grobie buddies.

Josh's concert in Anaheim

I saw Josh sometime I believe in 2008. He was playing at The Honda Center in Anaheim California. It was cool how he rose from the stage. I had no idea how funny Josh is. The piano rose from the stage and he stood on the bench as it was rising and said "This should be a ride at Disneyland". He also sat down in front of the crowd and signed autographs. I remember he had a little girl next to him and he handed her a pen and showed her how to write his autograph so she can sign for him at the opposite side of the stage. I knew at this point that not only is he a good singer but he also was a down to earth kind of person. This is the kind of person you can hang out with and have a few laughs with. I've been waiting to see him in concert again. I hope his new tour starts in L.A.

You're awesome Josh.

Hopefully this year.

I never saw Josh concerts. I only saw his dvd's and if I could see that! I really hope to see him this year!