Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

May 20, 2009 Josh at Ben Folds Concert Hollywood Palladium

May 20, 2009 Josh at Ben Folds Concert Hollywood Palladium

Ever since Josh had sung with Ben Folds in the ‘Life is a Masquerade’ song spoof, I’ve been intrigued with Ben Folds. He is a monster on the piano. When I got there, I didn’t realize that there would be 3 musical sections to this concert. There were no seats so I got up pretty close to the stage.

The first group was an English group that sounded celtic. Two sisters sang and played violin as part of the group. They were very good. Crowd was a little restless and talking. Very rude. Unfortunately, since I am writing this months later, I can’t remember their band name.


Camden. NJ Concert

I went to see Josh on Sunday night, and at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ, with my lovely mom who loves him too. I'm still on cloud nine!!! I love him so much! My daughter says I am obsessed.
When he sang "You Raise Me Up", he had a choir join in. I looked at the young faces of the choral singers, and wondered if they might be of a local NJ school. Cool. Well he finally introduced them as the Upper Darby High School Choir in PA!!!! That's where I went to school, and I was in the choir!!!! I turned to my mom and said - "That could have been me up there!!!" She promptly brought me back down to earth by saying: "Of course, when you were in the choir, Josh Groban wasn't even born yet!!!!!" Thanks, Mom!!

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Oct. 26th, Sunday. Bridge School Concert with Neil Young and Friends

Bridge School concert with Neil Young and friends Oct. 26th, Sunday.

Since 1986, Neil Young has sponsored and hosted this special fundraising concert at the Bridge School outdoor amphitheatre. What an amazing event!! I didn’t have the best seats, but Pau and I laughed it up during the long concert. Sometimes we got up and walk around in-between and during sets. We knew what time Josh was supposed to sing, so we went back to our seats in plenty of time to see Josh. I debated whether to go to the bathroom or wait until after. Am I glad that I waited. Josh came out and sang the last Smashing Pumpkins song, Disarm. Billy Coogan, the lead singer of SM, had Josh sing the lead vocals for the whole song and he just sang harmony. I was stunned. He was awesome. What an honor for Josh that they asked him to do one of their songs. Of course SM fans were shocked and at first, didn’t like it, but by the end really did.

Oct. 4th 2008 South Central Scholars Dinner

Oct. 4th 2008 South Central Scholars Dinner

Josh was his funny, kind and humble self. Gayle got an invitation to go to this dinner and could invite enough people for a table. She invited me and a few others. I felt so honored to be invited to this special event. We bought tickets and so contributed to the charity.

I drove up to Shauna’s house in Anaheim and then we took a rented van to Santa Monica where the Fairmont Hotel is located. Very nice. It took an hour to drive there, but we chatted all things Josh, etc on the way.

May 2008 Chess in concert, London, England

May 2008 Chess in concert, London, England.

This performance in Chess was amazing. I went to London with Kristi and stayed at the John Howard Hotel. What a nice small hotel near the Royal Albert Hall. Many other grobies stayed there. At the end of the day, we would gather and talk and share photos and get on the internet. We arrived on Saturday and toured Westminster Abbey and stayed for a Boy’s Choir singing Even Song. I enjoyed singing, but was SO jet-lagged I kept falling asleep standing up. Saw other grobies there. The next day we toured the RAH and met Australian Grobies, Trish and Kay! Very nice. That morning, we hung around RAH, but watched Josh rehearse by watching the video in the trailer. There was a very nice young teen named Peter. He was getting autographs and telling us about auditioning for roles in British theatre. We paid for his dinner later, because he had no money. I think that he liked hanging around me because I talked to him. Later that day, there was a wonderful dinner and I met grobies involved in Tender Totes and they wanted to take a pic with me, I was very flattered.

April 2008 Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York

April 2008 Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York

Paul Simon and Friends

Since I had gotten a ticket to go to both shows, I decided to leave the concert after Josh sang. My seat was at the edge in the very back of downstairs, so I didn’t disrupt anything when I left after Josh sang. I wanted to make sure that I would see him if he left early.

Josh sang “Silent Eyes/Jerusalem with various unique instruments playing as the accompaniment. He then sang America with solo piano. Really awesome rendition of the song. Then he started singing Bridge Over Troubled Water playing the piano and Paul Simon came out and started singing with him as a duet. They got a standing ovation. It was just all great!!

Aug. 27, 2007 Honda Center, Anaheim,

Aug. 27, 2007 Honda Center, Anaheim,

My third Josh concert. He was on fire this night. I had gotten to meet his Dad at the M&G before the concert. I asked him if he still plays the trumpet. He said once in awhile. I said that he should do it more often. Then we talked about the JG foundation and how expensive it is to expand into other states. He said that he’s cheap to worry about the money and I said that I thought he was just being a good business man. I then asked him how long Josh had taken any piano lessons as a kid and he said three years, but then stopped, as if he’d said too much. That’s my impression?

Josh had such a funny, good time with Angelique and had received a check from Anaheim Grobies for $5,000. For his charity. He was floored.

April 6, 2007 Sports Arena, San Diego

April 6, 2007 Sports Arena, San Diego

My second Josh concert. I was lucky to win a raffle to get front row seats from Andrea, who bought 9 front row tickets that day from the box office. I was at the M&G and got it there. I gave my other ticket away to someone who had worse seats. The concert was awesome, being so close. Josh signed my quilt that Gayle made. I got to stand right next to Josh when he sat on the stage and sang, Not While I’m Ahround.

April 1st 2007, Jimmy Kimmel. Los Angeles.

April 1st, Jimmy Kimmel. Los Angeles.

I was lucky to find out that he was going to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show and do an outdoor mini-concert on a stage behind the studio. I stayed in a hotel by myself that weekend because I didn’t really know any other grobanites very well. I had a great time roller blading at Venice Beach, going to China Town and everywhere else.

On Monday, everyone met in a line behind Jimmy Kimmel and waited at this fence and open gate for at least 3 hours to get in. I was at the front of the line, so I was the first to see Josh walk across to do sound check with the band. I yelled out Josh and waved and he waved back at us. What was cool is the fact that we could watch the rehearsal from a small distance. Around 6pm, they let us in the gates and we could go up right against the stage 5 feet from Josh. I was the second row back. Josh started off being really serious because being on this show was such a big deal for him. We were all super excited. It was incredible being that close. He did four songs with his band.