Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

just saw Josh Groban again!!!

That man is amazing! OK, so it wasn't as good as the front row was the first time I saw him, but still it was awesome. He's got a hell of a voice-nobody sings better than him, in my not-so-humble opinion.

I thought I could keep it together for "You Raise Me Up." That worked for about thirty seconds! That song gets to me - it reminds me of my mom and all of the crap she's put up with and the hell she's gone through because of me.

Anyway, it wasn't quite the same sitting so far back. He was about an inch tall. I was front row center last time (Valentine's Day 2005)! And, this would be the time that Josh decided to actually pay attention the front row. I tried my best last time. I was right in front of him and there was no getting his attention. This time, he was schmoozing with everyone in the front. NOT FAIR! It was really cool getting Lucia Micarelli's attention last time though, even if it was because I was all emotional - she asked me if I was ok.


Unfortunately I never saw Josh life, hopefully I will when his new CD is out!

A Memorable Evening at Hamer Hall in Melbourne

Drove 8 hours to Melbourne in October 2007 to see Josh in concert, I nearly didn't get tickets but luckily Josh added another concert to his already busy schedule. I sat mesmerised, listening to the "voice of mass seduction" and it was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life. Like all other devotees, I can hardly wait for the next concert, not to mention the next album, but until then, I am happy to keep watching the dvd's of his concerts (over and over again!)

Haven't been to a Concert

I have never been to one of his concerts. I am waiting anxiously for him to tour again and come to Florida.

my experience concert is still a dream....

as I live in Algeria, I've never been honored to assist at any Josh's concert, unforrtunately.I've always asked my self why celebs like josh or others do never come, is it because of political reasons? or because of my country is not a really "developped" one?. many people like me know Josh, respect him and love his music, but as our money is less stronger that dollar or the euro, we cannot traval to see him performing in other countries, we cannot contribute to his fondation...I just wanted to share this statut with those who want to read about people like me, who love Josh despite everything.


I hope that someday Josh will perform in Poland. I've never had a posibility to see him live:/

Paul Simon American Tunes

The First time I have ever saw Josh Groban perform was at BAM
(Brooklyn Academy of Music) on April 27, 2008. I was so excited to
know that Josh was in the same building with me and only seconds
away from me. when my taxi dropped me off in front of the building
I walked in and I met some of my fellow grobies that I have never
met before it was so nice to visit with them. About 7:45 I went to
the balcony to be seated, the concert was suppose to began at 8:00 but
was running a few minutes late. This concert was dedicated to
Paul Simon. the groups that performed were Olu Dara, Grizzly Bear,
The Roches, Gillian Welch, Paul Simon and of course Josh Groban
It was fun listening to some of Paul Simon's old hits of the past.
The other groups were fantastic, even though I was not familiar
with them and their music. I Could hardly wait for Josh to appear
when he did fans in my row were screaming for Josh! I will never
forget it! and I saw Josh looking up towards the balcony it looked like he was trying to see the fans there were screaming, I was wishing he could see me I guess I will never know if if saw me or not.


I was lucky enough to see Josh Groban at a casino in Tucson before he got "too big" for such a venue. I have since seen him twice in Vegas and twice in Phoenix.


Hello. My name is Israel, i'm from Portugal and I have a request to make. first of all, I have lupus, an immunitary disease. It has no cure whatsoever. But it's quie rare, so there aren't many researches in the area. I am trying to make people aware of thos disease. In that ambit, I created a video, to post on youtube,... using the music You are loved, from Josh Graoban. As you may know, youtube blocks all copyrighted music. But I took josh's words and made them mine : Don´t give up! So, I came here, requesting the permission to use the music in my video. The video link is . It has an alternative music, but of you turn the youtube sound off and put josh's music running at the same time, you will see it fits perfectly. I don't know if i'm sending this request to the right place, if i'm not, please inform me the right on. My apologises for the long email, anf hoping to solve this, yours truly, Israel

My Josh!