Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.


I was lucky enough to see Josh Groban at a casino in Tucson before he got "too big" for such a venue. I have since seen him twice in Vegas and twice in Phoenix.


Hello. My name is Israel, i'm from Portugal and I have a request to make. first of all, I have lupus, an immunitary disease. It has no cure whatsoever. But it's quie rare, so there aren't many researches in the area. I am trying to make people aware of thos disease. In that ambit, I created a video, to post on youtube,... using the music You are loved, from Josh Graoban. As you may know, youtube blocks all copyrighted music. But I took josh's words and made them mine : Don´t give up! So, I came here, requesting the permission to use the music in my video. The video link is . It has an alternative music, but of you turn the youtube sound off and put josh's music running at the same time, you will see it fits perfectly. I don't know if i'm sending this request to the right place, if i'm not, please inform me the right on. My apologises for the long email, anf hoping to solve this, yours truly, Israel

My Josh!

Radio City Music Hall , NYC


Me encantaria poder contar algo sobre tus conciertos pero no he podido ir a ninguno pero te aseguro que cuando vengas a PERÚ estare en primera fila te lo aseguro te queremos animate :) esta es la web peruana sobre ti


Awake Tour: Providence, RI

My second time seeing Josh in concert. It was an unbelieveable show and Josh walked right by me during the concert. Had a great time!

Closer Tour: Mansfield, MA

I saw Josh in concert for the first time back in '04 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA. It was an amazing concert in an outdoor venue. One thing that sticks out in my mind about the concert was that when Josh started singing "Remember When it Rained", it actually started raining. It was a great concert!

One Day

Hopefully one day when he comes to Egpt; I will leave a comment here I promise :D

Awake Tour

It was the best birthday I ever had in my life! My sister bought us tickets to go see Josh in Atlanta, GA. That is about a 5 hour drive from where we live. We stayed in a great hotel and took a cab when it was time to see Josh. The whole weekend was great. I made friends with the man sitting next to me at the concert. When Josh came on, we just grabbed each other and embraced! It was really funny. Josh was magnificent, incredible, masterful, and any other fantastic words you can think of. As Josh has said several times in interviews, "It was a dream come true!" Thanks to my sister and an amazing thank you to Josh!

Best day of my life

I had gotten tickets to the concert at the Post Gazette Pavilion in Pittsburgh for the 2004, but I had no idea this was going to be the concert in which I was going to meet him.
My grandfather had passed away a day before my 24th birthday that year, and it was very unexpected. So, my mom kept putting in his music, saying it made her feel better, as did I.
Well, when I heard about the essay contest that FOJG was having about why you wanted to meet Josh, I was still in a somber mood while I was writing it and listening to his music had given me peace.
So, I had put my cell phone number down as a way to reach me, and that evening when Warner Brothers Records called, I was working at Barnes and Noble. I went on my break and seen I had a missed call from a number that I didn't recognize. So, I was just curious and I called it back. They said that were from the record company and asked me if I was going to the concert coming up. I said yes. And then they asked me if I wanted to meet Josh. I swear the whole store must have heard me shriek. It was one of the best days of my life. I must have floated through the store the rest of my shift.