Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

It's sad but true

Well the long and short of it is that I haven't been to a Josh Groban concert yet. For whatever reason I just haven't been able to go. It just wasn't meant to be. But this next tour I will not miss, even if I have to move mountains.

Green Bay, WI - Hug from husban hanging up on Josh in Disney!!

So my family and friends went to Disney in Dec of 07. My family had to split from the group becuase my youngest son was too small to go on a ride. Later, my boys had to go to the bathroom, so I took them (arrgghh). While I was in the bathroom w/my boys, my friend called our phone and my hubby answered.. She said they were on their way to meet up w/us. On the way to meet us, who does she run into? JOSH!!! OMG...What are the odds?? Anyway, she asks him to walk w/her to meet me. He said no (sigh).. so she asked him to call me - he did (love ya for that!). My hubby answered the phone cuz I was still in the bathroom w/my boys.. Josh asked for me and my hubby didn't believe it was him and hung up on him.. (yes, we're still married). My friend later told me what happened and I wanted to kill my hubby! He's lucky he's still alive! I was soooo sad.. Anyway... I made the best of it and made a sign at the Green Bay, WI concert, in which Josh read aloud.. It read "I'm the Linda you called at Disney who's hubby hung up on you.. May I Please have a hug?" I got the best HUG ever!! Thank you, Josh!!

Excel Energy Concert

St Paul MN August 2007 First concert to see Joshn Groban and it was the best concert I have been to in years!!! Great music, stage performance and setting, music, all of it. I would definitely go again and again! I like hearing Josh sing. He has such a beautiful voice like I haven't heard in many many years. The first time I heard him sing on the radio many years ago, I thought him to be much older, and to my surprise he was so young.

He is a gift to all of use, thank you Josh!!!!!

Where will you be New Years 2010

Hi Josh, Just looking and wondering where you are going to be this New Years 2010? Thanks so Much!!! :)

Teacher in Hartford

Hi Josh,

I am a teacher in Hartford, CT and am trying to post on your blog. I have been listening to you for years. I have been a teacher in Hartford, CT for 7 years. I have been trying to teach my students to love music and understand it is for interpretation. They love when I play you because they feel a sense to make meaning. You teach my students to read while feeling they "feel." I would love for you or your band to come to my school so they could learn what hard work can accomplish. Please contact me at if you could accommodate my requests. Thanks. Corinn

just saw Josh Groban again!!!

That man is amazing! OK, so it wasn't as good as the front row was the first time I saw him, but still it was awesome. He's got a hell of a voice-nobody sings better than him, in my not-so-humble opinion.

I thought I could keep it together for "You Raise Me Up." That worked for about thirty seconds! That song gets to me - it reminds me of my mom and all of the crap she's put up with and the hell she's gone through because of me.

Anyway, it wasn't quite the same sitting so far back. He was about an inch tall. I was front row center last time (Valentine's Day 2005)! And, this would be the time that Josh decided to actually pay attention the front row. I tried my best last time. I was right in front of him and there was no getting his attention. This time, he was schmoozing with everyone in the front. NOT FAIR! It was really cool getting Lucia Micarelli's attention last time though, even if it was because I was all emotional - she asked me if I was ok.


Unfortunately I never saw Josh life, hopefully I will when his new CD is out!

A Memorable Evening at Hamer Hall in Melbourne

Drove 8 hours to Melbourne in October 2007 to see Josh in concert, I nearly didn't get tickets but luckily Josh added another concert to his already busy schedule. I sat mesmerised, listening to the "voice of mass seduction" and it was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life. Like all other devotees, I can hardly wait for the next concert, not to mention the next album, but until then, I am happy to keep watching the dvd's of his concerts (over and over again!)

Haven't been to a Concert

I have never been to one of his concerts. I am waiting anxiously for him to tour again and come to Florida.

my experience concert is still a dream....

as I live in Algeria, I've never been honored to assist at any Josh's concert, unforrtunately.I've always asked my self why celebs like josh or others do never come, is it because of political reasons? or because of my country is not a really "developped" one?. many people like me know Josh, respect him and love his music, but as our money is less stronger that dollar or the euro, we cannot traval to see him performing in other countries, we cannot contribute to his fondation...I just wanted to share this statut with those who want to read about people like me, who love Josh despite everything.