Concert Stories

Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

Just Me

I'm hoping to find you in Spokane, WA soon....when you were here, I couldn't afford the tickets....just financial difficulties at the time, but I would love nothing more than to buy two tickets, now that I can afford them, to take myself and Austin, my grandson, to your next concert in Spokane. He would be so amazed and astonished to receive such a beautiful gift...which he will receive from me as soon as you get here :-)...we are all sooo proud of you proud. You still make me cry

my life

hi its me marites i live in philippines i had so many friends but i only one friends that i like his name is aiko gacrama and all i need is my mother gave me and now i would like to finish study and if i will finish study i will find job....and my dream in my life is to become a singer thats all thank u ?.....

belated Happy Birthday

Just wanted to wish Josh a belated Happy Birthday, 2-27. We share the same day, except I am older, I love his voice and presentation of everything he does. Keep up the good work, You are a wonderful singer, and I think you would make a great performer in opera, Phathom of the Opera. What a range in voice,

Josh Groban Concert - on DVD

I have no stories to share of Josh Groban's concert as I have not been to one, I have never been to the States before and I am still waiting for Josh to swing by Singapore for the long awaited concert.

However, I have had hours of entertainments from Awake and JG in Concert DVDs. I love the 'twist' at the end of LET ME FALL and at the beginning of IN HER EYES. I envy those who were there to see that LIVE ! Can't remember the number of times I've watched it. AND I am waiting for CHESS DVD to arrive from Barnes and Nobles anytime soon...


the arrow

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I'm still working on a pre-concert story! I'm slow, what can I say?

happy birthday

why don't you come to China?

I live in a small city in China.I don't have chances to watch Josh's concert in flesh.Even if he could come to my city,I can't pay that much for a concert.It's hard to imagine here.
But I am grateful that I have a computer.It makes me know about Josh and I can watch his concerts on the Net now.
Many singers' concerts are rather worse than their albums.But it's not the same with Josh.It's one of the things that make him unique.I hope someday I can watch him play a role in a musical in flesh.And I hope the musical's directer is me.

Class Act

I went to Josh Groban's concert at The MGM Grand Garden Arena in 2007. Before he sang "Awake", he made mention of our military forces over seas. He said that whatever our view is on the war, we need to support those Americans defending us. He made no mention of his political view or interpersonal views and I thought that was incredibly classy. This is why Richard Marx wrote for you and never sang a mean song about you the way he did John Mayer, which by the way was hilarious, I was there (Youtube it), even though I still kind of like him! Way to class it up, Josh!