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Josh Groban Concert Stories

Josh's concerts are always interesting - but everyone's recollection is a little different. What were your favorite moments? What's the closest seat you've ever had to Josh? Were the people around you singing along? Share your stories, so we can document the JG live experience in detail.

My First Josh Groban Concert.

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Denver - 2007-08-29

Hi Everyone,

This is my first day on this forum, but I wanted to share the amazing night I had!

My first, (and sofar my only), Josh Groban concert was on August 29th, 2007 at the Pepsi Center. That night held a lot of significance for me. Not only was it my first Josh Groban concert, but it was my first time going to an ANY type concert. Oh yeah, and it was my first time going to the Pepsi Center. LOL!

Josh's 2007 Awake Tour in Salt Lake City Utah

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Salt Lake City - 2007-08-28

I first saw Josh perform when he appeared on Ally McBeal, and I was blown away! With two other friends, I finally got the privledge of seeing him live in concert for the 'Awake' tour in August 2007. That's the concert where the live concert video was produced. The energy there was amazing and almost magical, like going to Disneyland when I was a child. He performed to perfection, as always. He is now and will always be my favorite performer. I am so happy to know about him and to get the opportunity to have his musical talent in my life. His music has touched me in so many ways. My only regret from his 2007 concert was that I let my friend talk me into buying the less expensive tickets, when personally I wish I would have been closer to the stage.

Waiting for a first time

I have never seen Josh Grovan in concert I know embarrasing but when I found out he was some where close to me I was still attending nursing school an it wasn't an option to go had to study but I look forward to going to a concert when he is near my area again

Overall concert memiors

Wow,where do I start? I've been fortunate enough to go to many of Josh's concert,making world trips just to see him.I've seen him in Sydney,Scotland,America,England....theres just soo many amazing memories that I will cherish forever.

I guess I'll come back here soon to fill out the whole stories....

Norfolk Awake concert Jul 2007

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Norfolk - 2007-07-20

My daughter, my friend and I left Clarksville, MD around 1pm to avoid Washington,DC Friday afternoon traffic and it still took us 6 hours for an anticipated 4 hour trip. I thought I was going to miss my first chance to finally see Josh in concert but :) we got to hotel around 715, ran up to freshen up and we were on the hotel shuttle to the SCOPE arena by 745. We got to the Arena to locate our seats just as Angela Kidjou was finishing her performance. :( Then we had about a 30 minute wait, saw some familiar faces and then ... JOSH GROBAN! Oh my gosh, I mean OH MY JOSH! It was fantastic and more than I could imagine. Earlier when we arrived at the arena, my sweet daughter had traded seats with me so I could be on the aisle.

First Concert Bridgewater Hall Manchester

I first saw Josh in May 2007 at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, England. It was one of the best concert I've been to.
I managed to get tickets at the last minute ! & sat 4 rows from the front.Couldn't have been better.

Also I saw 'Chess in Concert' at the Royal Alebert Hall,London in 2008 -great. Was well worth the trip down to London.

the bedpost story

the bedpost story. i hope you don't mind the lead up to the actual happening, 'cuz the whole concerts are events for me. maybe you'll let me tell "shirtless josh!"? i saw that too. i'm pretty sure that i'm the first grobie who has seen that delicious sight.
the bedpost story, louisville, "closer" tour. i'm not the only grobie who saw this, but i'm the only one who's written about it.

I love Josh!

I added this by mistake and I can't delete it for some reason. So I am just gonna say........ I LOVE JOSH!!!!

More on Josh Groban

I have seen Josh Groban 3 times in concert and will continue as long as he does! To be able to see him sing is such a thrill. You can really see his soulfulness that comes out in his music. I would truly love to know what is behind the words of his songs, I just know that there is a story there! I really don't know what years I have seen him in concert, only that he gets better everytime!

the red t shirts lauderdale please choose the "read more" option to get to the t shirt part.

hi all, DOG=daughter of a grobanite, josh-speak. here's the story,...the flying red t shirts, "josh live!" tour, lauderdale.
how do i think the only grobies to hear/see this? glow lights. we were the only people in our section, who had them and they all looked at us strangely, when we brought them out. DOG and i sat down into seats which we knew were great. piano stage end, up just a bit, perfect view of backstage. we saw the groband running around, zack, tim, tariq, out of costume. me, "molli! look! LOOK!" we were happy, happy! the people looking at us! not knowing what they are seeing. the lady next to molli, "is this your first josh concert?" molli, "nooo! what is this mom? my fourth?" me, "yes, baby." me to lady, "it's my fifth. i just got back from seeing him in paris." the lady, "you went all that way just for josh?" me, "yes! i love him." the lady, "oh! you're one of those!" told her going to see him in a few days again, the lady,"stop! you're scary!" omj! darn. grobies way up behind us, heard us talking and they hollered, "what's your username?" i told them. they said, "we've read your posts. you're funny." that was the first time anyone recognized my username.