Concert on the Field, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

Concert on the Field, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

From the concert: 
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

What a lovely atmosphere prevailed on the evening of the 01st Dec 2011 at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, SA! This was a wonderful wedding gift for my friends, Diane and Paul, who are tying the knot tomorrow, 06th Dec! Thanks for coming to PE at the right time, Josh!
We really enjoyed every minute of every song, as well the great vibe going on on stage and being passed on to the audience via Josh's witty and endearing comments between songs. The violinist was superb (all the musicians were!), and the youth choir on "Lullaby" and "Weeping" added a special South African touch!

A highlights of the evening for me were "You are Loved" and "Weeping".
The first song was the first Josh Groban song I had ever heard, back in 2008 at the memorial service of the husband of a good friend of mine, who passed away tragically. This song is really moving and beautiful. The second song I think moves most South Africans with a heart, as it recounts some of our painful past and what had to be overcome to make all our citizens free.

Thank you for a memorable evening indeed!



L’info a déjà quelques jours, personnellement ça me fait réfléchir.
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the Nelson Mendala stadium is a nice place to make any event. I like josh gorban songs. Hope that concert was meaningful.
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The stadium is named after the administrative district which the stadium is within, the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality, itself named after Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa. The Nelson Mandela Bay area is made up of the city of Port Elizabeth, the towns of Uitenhage and Despatch, as well as smaller settlements. Thanks.
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I love the song Weeping, so powerful, beautiful. His concert in Sacramento, California is where I first saw him sing it, although I have been a Josh fan for 8years now and have been lucky to have been to all of his concerts when a new album comes out. He is my favorite musician/singer. What a talent God has given to him to share with us! Happy New Year from Reno, Nevada! Moosie a faithfulgorbanite!

Oops, I meant 02nd Dec (Friday evening), but close enough!