My First Date with Josh

My First Date with Josh

From the concert: 
Munich, Germany - 09/30/2011

October 01, 2011

Last night I had the chance to watch Josh perform live. It was my "first date with him" and hope it won't be the last.

The first time I've read that he'd be giving concerts in Europe this year I was thrilled. I've visited this site frequently waiting for the pre-sales day. Unfortunately, securing a ticket from the this site was not an easy or simple thing to do. Luckily, an official ticket office in Munich solved my problem and I got my tickets to this most-awaited night with Josh.

I enjoyed the show very much. It was a unique experience for me as I've seen some new talents of Josh. To my amazement Josh played the drums professionally. It was a BIG WOW!

I also didn't realize that he has a very good sense of humor, too. He showed this "new talent" during the question-and-answer portion. You see, prior to the show at the counter where JG's souvenirs were sold, one could fill-in the form "Ask Josh a Question."

We were laughing heartily listening to his Oktoberfest jokes. In response to the question - "What's your favourite Michael Jackson song?", he did an "interesting" version of the Earth Song.

The only complaint I (and my husband had) was the volume of the sound. It was TOO loud for the size of the hall. We could hardly hear the orchestra. That is, they could only be heard when they had solo numbers. Otherwise, Josh's powerful voice drowned them. It was a pity that the sound engineer or whoever is in-charge of controlling or monitoring the sound that we the audience should hear did not do his job properly.

Anyway, it was still a night to remember. Indeed, it was a great pleasure seeing Josh and be serenaded by his heartwarming songs!

Josh, the two-and-half-hour drive (one-way) to Munich was worth it.
Thank you so much for this first date!

Zette (your Swiss fan)



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