Why we DIDN'T get to go to concert... boo hoo!! So sad!

Why we DIDN'T get to go to concert... boo hoo!! So sad!

We had our ticket's for so long and couldn't wait to see Josh in the round! We also had a doctor's appointment a few day's before. I had to get a "stress test" and so did my husband, Alton.
He was on the regular treadmill and mine was a "chemical" test, since I do have Mitral Valve Stenosis.
As it turned out; when they put the "chemical" of WHATEVER into my vein's; it didn't go into the IV, but instead, ran outside it and went into my skin tissue. It formed something like a 5 1/2" blister, right under my skin. I immediately started itching on my left side of my face & my lip was itching. We really didn't think much of that, as my arm had been wrapped & we didn't even know that I had not received the "chemical" into the IV, until we got home. What a surprise!
Came home & found that my arm was swollen huge & I had become so dizzy; it was very difficult to stand. Had to have assistence, just to stand up & coudl not turn my head in any direction.
Had to call doctor & was told that we should NOT attend the concert; as I would have to let my body get rid of the chemical that didn't work, but could have damaged ME..
I cried SO VERY HARD and we spent our time with JOSH, at home instead of in Houston, where we were supposed to go! What a REALLY DOWN NIGHT and ended up, to not even be able to go to my nephew's house for Thanksgiving, as we always do.
Appointment with cardiologist on the 8th of Dec, so will find out what happened, EXACTLY to cause such a horrible side effect.
I DON'T recommend the "chemical" type of Stress Test for anyone. I KNOW that I will not have another one...
JUST SO SAD THAT WE DIDN'T GET TO SEE JOSH & it seem's that he is NOT coming to San Antonio, this time, as he usually does. This is the FIRST time we have missed one of the Tour Concerts' and it is not a happy time for either of us!!
I am SO happy that so many were able to go and enjoy the concert!
JOSH, please add San Antonio to your tour, as that is the only way we will get to see you and we are SURE not getting any younger & PRAY that we have not attended our LAST CONCERT of our lifetime!! This makes me so sad... I hope someone got our seat's who deserved them, as they were really good one's!
selketsnow@austin.rr.com ( our e-mail isn't even working at this time, so that is another bummer!)
Maybe Christmas will be a LOT better, but there will be NO Josh concert for us... :(



So sorry you didn't get to go, but glad you are okay. I hope you & your husband are both doing well. I hope you will have another chance to see one of his performances. I have not been to my first one yet, but would love to go

We have had the pleasure to work with Josh as his background choir on stage and television in the East Coast region of the United States since the summer of 2007. We have always had a great time with Josh and his entire crew........they make us feel like family. :-)
Happy New Year Everyone!!!!