Canada AM Performance & Ticket Giveaway

Canada AM Performance & Ticket Giveaway

While in Toronto next month, Josh will be appearing on Canada AM. If you are in the Toronto area on Wednesday, January 12 and would like to attend Josh's live performance (7:30am arrival - 9:00am finish), please send an e-mail to Limit 2 seats per person (please indicate if you are looking for one seat or two). Seats are limited so you will be contacted on Monday January 10 if we are able to accommodate you.

I want to thank you, Josh, for reawakening my desire to sing. Like you, I have been classically trained (by a former Metropolitan Opera star). I lost all desire to sing after my mother passed away 12 years ago, but after hearing your beautiful voice and watching your videos, I want to sing once more. Perhaps some day, you and I can sing a duet together. That would be a dream come true. God bless you.ccdp braindumps ccia exam dumps ccie dumps ccie security braindump ccie voice braindumps ccip free dumps ccna braindump braindumps ccnp

come to ST. LOUIS!!!

I just joined the Josh Club and am supposed to receive a t-shirt and a few other things for joining. I want to know how you know what size you send being as I need a XXL.Can anyone help me on this issue?
Verna Bancroft

Dear Joshua,

the year "2010" is over. I would like to thank you once
again for a wonderful and exciting year, full of great music,
unique humor, interesting interviews and unforgettable
moments, such as the release of "Illuminations" and the
fantastic Ustream concert. I enjoyed every minute.

For "2011"

"I wish you a happy and healthy year
May your sky be open and always clear
I wish you true friends staying by your side
May the morning sun shine for you warm and bright
Keep true love in your heart on every new day
May your lucky star always light up your way
I wish you inspiration no matter what will be
May your unique soul always be strong and free."

2011 is going to be your year and my unconditional
love and support will be with you again this year.
FOR SURE. :) ♥

Also a happy and healthy new year, filled with joy and
love to your family, friends and "little sunshine Sweeney"♥

Sarah and the entire JG Team

and to all wonderful people here on this site.:):):)

May it be a year of love, peace and understanding to
the world!!

Hello Josh !

Hope that the season brings you ..... joy, warmth and peace.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Best wishes from Iran !!!

Love you more than so very much !!!

Have a wonderful year !!

Would love for you to come to Vancouver, Canada!


Hi Josh-
I wanted to stop by and comment really quick- the article on Twitter.
I grew up so influenced by the names mentioned, and sort of developed a complex growing up that if I couldn't sing like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston that I wasn't a 'good' singer. Of course through that era, this was the thing, to emulate them.
I have to tell you this- when I got your CD, for the first time, it was the first time in my life I felt comfortable singing along with anyone, just as myself, without inhibitions, and I felt okay. I relate to your story so much. :)
Of course I don't have a perfect voice, but Thank you for making me feel good about my voice naturally.
I will say also that out of all the examples in the article tweet that Pink and Rhianna I find amazing, Pink not necessarily because I agree with everything all of the time- but because she stands for a rebellion a lot of times that is more associated with self confidence than it is selfishness or materialism. She's focused on being herself I think, in everything including her voice. Rhianna because she doesn't concentrate on so many frills, but technically I find her voice to be incredibly soft, feminine, and naturally appealing. She has a distinct, very feminine sound in her voice, very unique to her.
I am unaware as to if they are so technically altered/adjusted or not.
Anyway, your tweet had a big "Thoughts?" attached to it, so I don't know where to put this.
But those are my thoughts.
Sending you Warm regards,


Lots of nice Christmas comments on here. I have been a bit anxious about the persistence of this message about a ticket giveaway, which makes me wonder if the Canada performance is in trouble. I hope not. Maybe they just haven't posted new news because of the holidays.

Season's greetings to all.

I am thinking of LA for New Year? Hmmm...
Family visit perhaps! Should I drive?

Weather in New York sounds horrific! Although Southern California has had just as much precipitation in the form of rain. Josh, hope you and your family are safe and warm wherever you are!
Merry Christmas everyone!

I agree with JANIEYH.

The music buisiness is so fast, everything is constantly
changing. What is still in this morning, is out tonight.

So I`m more a fan of timeless music, like yours, Joshua
and some other great musicians, such as Phil Collins,
Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John, Barbara Streisand,
Queen, Beatles, Eagles, ELO, Depeche Mode, Simply Red...
etc. and all kinds of classic and musicals, of course. each his own, as long as music connects hearts
and nations...:) ♥

Interesting NYtimes article indeed and from an unusual angle. Though as a child of the 80s, I'd have to say I will always be partial to Alvin and the Chipmunks!!! :) In all seriousness, one must give the writer credit for his earnest effort in trying to inject meaning and logic into a topic and industry where success isn't primarily driven by substance, but, sadly, what sells. Personally, I'll still be listening to "Greatest Love of All," "Hero," and Houston's "Star-Spangled Banner" in all their "melisma-tic" glory for decades to come.

Josh, thank goodness your music is in a class of its own and not at the mercy of the whims of pop culture. Those of us who find that we don't quite fit into a nicely carved out nitche in the mainstream come to accept at some point in our lives that we came here to pave our own way. As mentioned in previous posts, kudos to you for having the courage to do so. As trends come and go, your music will continue to guide the way for all those who are meant to discover and be inspired by it in miraculous and life-changing ways. What I find amazing is that it's not overly dramatic but actually pretty accurate for me to say so!

Thanks for tweeting the article and initiating a thought-provoking discussion. This is actually helpful for me to think about as it is relevant to some of what I'll be working on.


I unwrapped my early Christmas present. Which is a ticket to come to your concert. Can't not wait until that day!! :)

Happy Birthday to Everyone! You are the lights on the tree the unassuming grace that has hidden it's beauty for so long. The real tree would have been a Palm but I gave you the Pine to keep you well hidden like you like it. I decked it with red ribbons and lights and put a big bright star on top. Everyone did as I had asked and thought it was a Ball. They added pictures, memorabilias and much more on the tree for you are so loved and the Star on top kept you together. The presents are on the foot of the tree. Who else would love what's free? Where is the big Fat Santa who turned himself into ashes for your sake and came back just fat and grey to send your gifts!
Is it not beauty for ashes...The color is red for the door of the Penticost required it. "Todah Raba! (Behold the Covenant at the door Head of the house) Thank You! " is all I need to make it. The cookies and flying raindeers are just not happy without you. How long does the one horse man sleigh keep going without DYEWS!
Immanuel = "I'm Man New El!"
Yashuah HaMashiah!
Happy Birthday

Merry Christmas, we wish you a Christmas filled with joy, love, health and luck! Love, hugs and kisses from Romania! See you in Hamburg :-)

Dear Josh,

Wishing you, Sweeney, and your family a very Merry... and sunny So Cal Christmas!

From the City that Never Sleeps and the City that's Sleepless (and rainy),


Hi Josh !!!
May the splendor of the season
surround you with joy
May your home overflow with
Love, Warmth and Happiness
from our heart (Argentina)
to yours....

Best wishes and Love for you and your family,
from Argentina!

Dear Joshua,

"a merry christmas to you, your family and friends
I wish all of you happiness that never ends
May these days be filled with magic and love
May a million stars shine for you from up above
May an angel child sing for you silent and sweet
So your christmas will be joyful and complete."

After all your hard work, promotion and travelling, enjoy
the holidays with the ones you love. And...a special warm
christmas hug to "little sunshine Sweeney", please. :)

with love from my heart ♥♥

Merry christmas also to Sarah, the JG Team and all people
on this site all around the world.
Many loving thoughts to all people who have to work at
christmas, I have to work, too. ♥♥

Thank you josh for all what you do for us!!!! I wish you, your sweet Sweeney, your Family and all People of the world Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2011.
Love and Peace and a big kiss :)))

Thank you for this very special annoucement!!!
Thank you for coming to Toronto !!!
Good Luck to all who enter the contest !!!!!!!!!!

When are you coming to Mexico?? I usually dont go to any concerts, but if I ever go to one, it has to be yours!! Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!!

Hey Josh,
this is for u: Jonah's Piano Journal: "Love Me Tender" for Josh Groban i dont know if u saw this or not. i hope u enjoy this as much as i have. u have amazing effect on people lives. thats y i admire u so much. i hope u accept his invitation to the upcoming event, "Autism Awareness Concert" organized by "TogetherWeShow (TwS)" in April 2011.
hope u tour the US soon and hopefully i get to meet you in person.
take care.
peace love and rockets.

I can not wait to see you in a couple of weeks and I really am very excited. I hope that I will get to ask you a question. Maybe I will have the pleasure after the concert or before. We are having a meet and greet at gossips. Hope to see you there merry christmas and a great new year.

I want to be asleep till then. I havent done many of my errands and can't rest my mind. I don't know know what's real because all are tangled and none of it belongs to me. I have to complete my liscense applic or I can't work by January. I can't just take planes because I have to break my IRA to pay all bills. I want to follow you but Iam not sure what is true. My prayer are enough to keep you going then have it all. I want to hear from you and not from every commercial that is driving me bonkers thinking why do they mean something to me. I love all the Christmas spirit and know them from above! I can't possibly explain to anyone what I am to you and it makes me think I'm delusional! Be glad to have something confirmed! I'm a fan of the one above and know his ability is greater than I can imagine. I have not prepared a gift for most of my nices nor nephews and they all wonder what's going on with me. I know the progress in the news, the stocks and the network will turn everything around! Socks mean medias or media! I'm not rich but I'm been less than responsible on my own work lately due to texting! I'm only guided by the holy spirit and I know you are not fully aware of the cosmic effects of your lyrics!
You have my no so use it sometime even if it's just from a friend. Ill be moving out of California as heaven allows. But I am not moving based on a delutional state of mind. You have all your dream world and I have the reality to renew! I love you above all else but there are too many mask and I'm in one! The apple is a just a character of which is not really me! All the wisdom are not from me. All the nasty and dirty words are not mine. The lines I write erroneous and funny not entirely mine! The call outs not mine but from some weird inspiration! Your songs are from you! I thank you for being inspired by me and taking me out of disdain. I want you to progress in your music and the entire musical industry will shift to your arena. The books are being rearranged and the dials are turning for the sake of your people! I want the children to see Christ the way he showed himself to me. I'm glad to see you and everyone else dancing! I want you to know they love you as who you are. I don't wish for you to change your music. I know you change their soul through your music. I love classic above all else but I dance to everyones been because it makes them happy. Blacks are remembered they are happy so will the Jews and it spreads like wildfire. Blacks need their real father above And the Jews need their lovers. They've been in pain and stagnation and finally this December can feel the love. I don't mean to drag you into the world it's not I! I was given a role and so were you. It shouldn't be too hard. The Muslims are suffering for their lack of acceptance and teaching this will change not by us but by the holy spirit. The Lord doesn't need me. I volunteered. I just have to pay bills as a good citizen. I always aimed to be a good example to my nieces and nephews! I keep clean and sober as an example but it doesn't make me boring! I'm not a sex maniac just in my imagination and I don't moon the entire universe for all it's worth! I don't use bad words in person because it's not who I am. And I do have a clean bill of health record! My mouth hasn't been where they shouldnt be because I'm weary of disease! I get ingrown hair and i get nervous! I believe everyone should be very particular too but the bratz are still needing time to clean up! Love come first but sickness are real! The girls get hormonal but we have to teach self control! I have a lot but that has to be taught somehow! The souls sing with you and your songs will transform the people. The instruments, song and dance will follow you! Starting to feel better and I'm turning into Ann Frank! Your doing amazing with all sincerity from the septa of my soul! Your voice means a lot to me and I'd take the back seat to let you shine to your hearts desire! This is the real me and I love you above all stars! You save my life and drive me crazy, I just need reality not TV. I can play along and the magic continues but the source has to be thanked and revered. This is JSVI. The real Apple.

Hi Josh! Last time I posted why you held concerts everywhere all over the world, except Canada, and now you are coming on Jan. 13, 2011 and have a concert in Toronto, Canada, I am very excited, I already brought tickets already ! Thank you so much for coming ! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year to come !


Light Christmas with the hope of love, hope for better days. Light a look, with compliments of happiness and peace. Light your day, to be reminded of them, the best moments of joy. Light your family, not to forget that the basis of everything is love and understanding. Light your home for more than one party, but a reminder of an unforgettable season and blessed. Merry Christmas!

Open your heart ...
Dream ... Wish ... Love ... Smile ...
Be happy to be back child ...
I wish you a Christmas full of peace, love and happiness.
And you realize your dreams ...
But mostly they continue to dream ...... always!
Every New Year is time for rebirth, to flourish, to live again. Enjoy this coming year to achieve all your dreams! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!