New Album Illuminations - Coming Soon!

New Album Illuminations - Coming Soon!

Today we are pleased to reveal the title of Josh’s new album: Illuminations.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the new album coming soon!

Today I bought the new album Illuminations, I have a doubt, the stream live concert in Portugal and what time? would appreciate if someone help me.


Oh my gosh, that song was so good. Thank you for posting it. Definitely looking forward to hearing the rest of the CD. I love all these New York City photographs, they're awesome. Black and white. Very classy. Hurry up November, what's taking you so dang long? I got a CD I need to buy.

Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Mal posso acreditar!! Novo CD do Josh!! Vai ser tudooo!! Até porque vai ter música cantada em português!!! *----* Chega logo novembro!!!

I know the new album will be awesome - just like you!

Josh is certainly worth waiting for. You seem to have problem with patience. Is it really necessary to taint the excitement of the new album with such a negative comment.

For the first time i've heard when you say you love me
song and i believe that it was such a wonderful song
actually i've found my favorite singer .
The title is fantastic and really i can't wait for the new album !

Best wishes from Iran !!!

God bless !

Well, it sure took you long enough! You realy kept us waiting!
Ohh how the presure you must feel now hahaha we hope it was worth the wait! Will the album also be released in Europe? Or do we have to wait even longer? ;-)

Don't worry, with a voice and the looks like that, you can't do wrong!!

Greetz, Monika

Josh, you know how I love to be illuminated!! I have to get my illumination "fix" or I am in a bad mood for the rest of the day. So just hearing the name of your new cd, I am feeling the warmth and seeing the light, and know that it will be an excellent, exquisite, extremely ecstatic producing cd!!!! Thanks for all of your work and courage. If you sound like a heavy metal band, I'll eat my words!!!

Thanks Josh!! I've been waiting patiently and I'm overcome with excitment!! Best 27th Birthday Present EVER!! (Even though your album won't release exactly on my's still the same month!!)

very exciting!

Congratulation Josh! ...It's getting closer.

Thanks Sarah!

How I am HAPPY!!!!!

I am so happy for you Josh! You have chosen the perfect title and I'm glad that so many people around the world will experience and be touched by your special light. Enjoy every moment of this exciting journey!


jajaj ya no aguanto mas... quiero tenerlo ya aca en mi casita!!!! ajajja QUIERO QUE YA SALGA EN ARGENTINAAA!!! AJAJA

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Hope this helps:

I'm in Hong Kong, hope I can buy it at once just like in US! Really really nervous to see it.......

i am so excited!!!!!! i cant wait to have it!!!!

Robbie Williams is switching on Blackpool Illuminations..... It could have been YOU with a CD title like that! xxxx

Hi Josh. I put it here in my "Siena's Wallpaper, Photomanip and Zanny thread" in the fan art section and also in my "Hi Josh" thread in Gen. Disc. here on, no one said "no" so, I did, plz take a look, one I make in mind for if u wanna use it as a record cover, but I will positively LOVE whatever u did (as long as it's not scary like I've mentioned b4) and I will pre-order when it happens. LOVE U MORE!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Mal posso esperar por Novembro para ouvir as novas musicas.
Desta vez, fico na esperança que este Illuminations chegue a Portugal num maravilhoso concerto que tanto sonho...
Illuminations espero por ti!

Words cannot describe the excitement I feel to finally hear this. I remember forever ago hearing about how the album was going to be released last year,then this January, then March, etc. Except I can say that I feel incandescent. <3

Que bien yo con ansias espero en nuevo album de Josh

nothing could be a gift for my birthday ( 16 nov. ) but this album. :D

I cannot wait..the name of it is PERFECT!!! ohhhhh the anticipation is Worse NOW!!!! He does Illuminate our appropriate!!! Get out the glow sticks!!!


Favoloso.... così eccitato!!!

I just can't wait to hear your new cd "Illuminations"! Such a perfect name to illuminate the dark November!

Hopefully we Europeans will be able to buy it too as soon as it will be released in USA.

A job well done.

With love,

Can't wait for this album to be release!!!

Yay! Album in November! What a great month! Two of my sons were born in November, and of course, it's the month of "Thanksgiving", so just one more thing to be thankful for. Looking forward to it!

I can't wait for the new CD to come out. I know that I will buying it because I have all of Josh Groban CD. I'm a big fan from the first time that I heard his singing and it's just amazing voice that Josh has. And I would love it if you come to Orlando,FL because I live close to there. And I'm missed the first time that you were here in Melbourne,FL because the show as sold out too. I know this time that I will not miss your tour. Thanks Josh.


i saw that he tweeted that the album should b out early november! yay! it would be the best birthday ever if it was released on november 10th! :) love u josh! release "illuminations" on november 10th for ur most awesome and amazing fan! ;)

Finally! been waiting for this album for a while now. I'm definitely gonna lay my hands on one when it arrives! Well done, Josh!

Everything! The name alone makes you want to buy a copy of your new CD!! Knowing everything in it will be great of a name can make or break a doubt this name will have more picking it up for the first time even! :)

╚► PeRfEcTlY-CoOl NeWs ! ;D

YESS! So excited for the new album

I am sure that the new album is as great as the previous ones
All your fans are proud of you
love you

I am sure the new album is as great as the previous ones..
All your fans are proud of you
love you


Oh..........boy, even though it's not out yet I can bet u that its gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait!!
Rosa G

It is that you and your music do to us. Illuminate us in any way.
Thank you, Josh.

Malene :0)

It will be a "MASTERPIECE" Josh!!! I always felt that this one is going to take you "OVER" the "TOP"!

Andi English

Love the new title!! Can't wait to hear your new album!
Thanks for sharing.

I am very curious, what is a 'happy grobie dance'? I think there should be a youtube contest to find the best happy grobie dance.

Cant wait for the tour. I am guess I will love the cd so I am making it my goal to see a JG concert!

Can't wait for the new album Josh! *does happy Grobie dance* This is so exciting!

I like the name of your album. Although - I think you should have named - not the company! I'm sure this will be a BEST SELLER - within 2 weeks! Congratulations! XOXOXO LOVE, LISA

I can already feel the wonderful and luminous music behind
"ILLUMINATIONS" in my heart... it makes me smile.

Simply beautiful.

Thank you Josh and Sarah.:)

Thank you Joshua ! We badly need some light in this so dull world !

Be blessed !


... Illuminations .... Illuminations .... Illuminations... sounds so good...
Thanks. :-)

I'm loving this new album already. Josh you are a fine perfectionist. I'm sure the album cover will be fabulous as well. Thank you for all the hard work and heart you put into inspiring the world.


I can't wait to hear it. I know it will be amazing as always.

Sounds excellent and with historical roots... You surprise me again, Josh. It's so interesting with you, hon! All that is close for me, inspiring, full of energy and mind-richness. I am happy, thank you!

sounds like the NEW WORLD ORDER...THE ILLUMINATI....but illuminated! either way ur voice will be great as ever..touching our innermost feelings....rippling like the water among our souls....