Josh on Tony Bennett’s Duets II

Josh on Tony Bennett’s Duets II

Josh collaborated with Tony Bennett on his new album Duet’s II for a song called “This Is All I Ask.” The song is available now on iTunes. Get more details and listen to the track here.

such a great song go ahead ..

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It was really wonderful!! Love you more than so very much!! padel - porno - cascos de moto

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They are so great together. I sure this song became one of my favorite.
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It never fails to amaze me that in spite of his age, the voice remains fantastic and this is wonderful. Lovely that so many much younger singers agreed to duet with him singing songs which were popular, before some were born, so at my age I am able to join in.
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Song is beautiful. Once again :)

Josh, you created so many phenomenal duets. Until incredible that you don't have duet with Tarja Turunen from Nightwish...Combination of your voices that would be incredible. I'm sure :). Think about it :)

I only heard a few moments of the song, and melted to it anyway......Love Tony, Love Josh!! Can't wait to buy it!!

Love the duet with Tony !! I love all of Josh's duets, his voice is just amazing..Josh could do a duet with one of the muppets and I'd love it..cant wait to see you in NYC in November !!!! :)

I listened to the album when it was streaming on NPR. Most of the singers were not to my taste, but Josh, as always, was exquisite. Pox on those people who say he is too serious. His rendition of this song is pure passion. I only downloaded his song.

speaking of duets who wouldnt be in heaven with a pairing with jackie evancho. we can dream cant we?

A combination of jazz from cameral smoky hall and an old american film :) Tony's jazz voice is perfect, they sound great together with Josh. Josh's voice also perfectly siuts to this climate. Maybe it's not a song to listen over and over again every day, but it's a awesome for (e.g) cold and long autumn/winter evenings to listen sitting under warm blanket with a cup of hot tea or something, when you have an opportunity to slow down, sit in peace and submerge oneself in voices and music. Beautiful THING.

Tony Bennett, you are lucky to sing with his voice, and him. It would most likely make me blush to be in the same room with the sound.

Don't accuse me for being unoriginal, but prayers with you.
"Deep calls to deep in the thundering roar of your waterfalls,
all your waves and breakers wash over me.
By day the Lord directs His Love,
and at night, He is a song over me,
A prayer to the God of my Life."

I wish you strength. :) :) :)

Absolutely LOVED it!

Amazing as always Josh.....


Just one word...Lovely!!!!

nice duet,
your voices fade in each other despite of the difference.

Mmm...Mr. Groban, how the timbre of your voice caresses my being. Thank you, Mr. Bennett.

Your voice is the absolute best. You sing each song differently with such versatility and heartfelt feeling. Your foreign language songs really show what your voice can do, and are so beautiful. That is why you need to produce a lot of music for us-songs you've written and songs others have written, because you are the absolute best, Josh!!! There are very very few other singers I want to listen to. Thanks for living with uncertainty, it has brought you and us the greatest creative singer and entertainer..........Being able to live with uncertainty is the requirement of a secure person!

It was really WONDERFUL !!!!!!
Love you more than so very much !!!
Best wishes from IRAN !!!

Love the duet. Love you!!!

I melted when you sang the first line. Great job Josh! Your voice is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.

That is the power of music!

By the way I would like to see a campaign like this:

no alcohol, no drugs, no sedatives but clear music!

It`s a great song, sung by two great and unique artists.

Joshua, I love how your voice has changed over the
years, it has become much more expressive and powerful,
with this special sound. I`m continually impressed. :)

I would like a "Live Album" with all your fantastic songs.

Maybe one day??

Sending a "happy day hug" to you, your band and the whole
JG tour team. :):):)
Take care...

I agree, Josh, u would get great reviews if u did a duets album, oh, and to the person on the top post, u forgot Disarm w/ the Smashing pumpkins and Neil Young and Ben folds!!! All 3 of those rock too! Go for it Josh, if u want to! I love those, all of them! Oh and I also LOVE U!

This is great! And I agree with everyone that you should do a duets album! Some of my favorite songs are duets: The Prayer (goes without saying), Canto alla Vita (w/the Corrs), Pearls (w/Angelique Kidjo), and at the top of my list, La Tua Semplicita (w/Placido Domingo).

I prefer hearing you sing by yourself, of course!!! There is no other like you-I am yours and you are mine!!! (What you tell your fans in your CD booklets). I would prefer hearing you in a duet, than not hearing you at all, however!

Very very very beautiful, Josh!!! Always an incredible experience to hear you sing something new!!! Your voice is the best!!!

Your voice is so romantic. Makes me feel like I'm falling in love.

Absolutely beautiful song. Perfect music for you to sing. I love it. Thanks for sharing.


JG if you do do a duet cd. you should have a contest or tv show trying to find one person to sing a duet with you. Just saying. They make tv shows about anything these days and i am sure there are plenty of ppl who would try to sing with you. JUST SAYIN :) If you need any help with they idea just look me up. :D LOL Wish i could listen to the song but me and itunes dont get along at the moment but i bet it is good.

You NEED to make a duet's album. Then you'd be half done. You could put all the duets you have done on one album. You and Tony sound really cool together.

Wow! Josh you just give me goose bumps it is so beautiful. Your voice never ceases to amaze me. I just can't believe how beautifully you sing. What an amazing duet. Could listen to you forever!!!!

very beatful song its tony bennett

Thanks for the info; downloaded "This is all I ask" into my iTunes and listening... I like the old style with Tony and Josh!

I don't have i-tunes so I bought the album. Fun