Josh Guest Appearance on The Office

Josh Guest Appearance on The Office

Josh will be making a guest appearance on NBC’s The Office Thursday, October 13th at 9pm. In the episode entitled "Garden Party," Andy tries to stay in Robert California's good graces by throwing a garden party in none other than Schrute Farms. Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace will play Andy's (Ed Helms) parents while Josh will play his brother. Tune in to the show and check your local listings for more information.

I saw that show. It was really interesting an fun to watch.

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Also when is his latest album release? Haven't heard from him any originals lately. si joint pain

Josh is one talented person. I miss his previous concert when I was in US. Hope to see him soon. symptoms of ms

I love really his natural ability in the pop and rock arena, but I love his sense of classics even more. He's a true musical force to be reckoned with. optical illusions

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I can't believe that he's 30. Wow. He's so young and single. I should make an essay paper and journals about him.


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Great!! Movie again...! You're really talented comedian but of cause need training, playing... It's great that they give you this opportunity. For your huge development in this field, Josh!! Hugs!! Rana Artikelverzeichnisse

Josh is soo talented that he is being featured as a guest “star” on a second rate knock off of a once great show. Next thing he will be on Match Game smoking Lucky Strikes with Charles Nelson Reiley. hard drive recovery Thanks

Josh is cute as always. You know, comedy, taking into account the feelings I want to make a spectacular series of show host. This is just a song, and when he gets tired of writing and touring. He is really good for anything, and his humor is so great. concrete polishing

I watch the show on Film Streaming & then but not that thrilling for me, now however, since you're gonna be on it I'll cancel my dinner date just to watch you. You always entertain me!!!

I watch the show every now & then but not that thrilling for me, now however, since you're gonna be on it I'll cancel my dinner date just to watch you. You always entertain me!!!
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Josh, I don't know if you have gone to Rio de Janeiro,Brazil, during carnival. If you have not, plese do. You work too much and life goes too fast. Take time to do things you enjoy with people you love... Fame and work is wonderful, but love is eternal.

Josh is adorable as always. You know, considering his sense of humor, I think he'd make a wonderful variety show host. You know like they had in the 60's and 70's. That's just when he gets tired of singing and writing and touring. He's great at everything and his humor is so spontaneous.
I just watched The Garden Party on The Office on My VCR doesn't tape any more and I wasn't home. I hope this site will help some of the rest of you see Josh when other technology fails. I overheard someone talking about the site at my chiropractor's office. I'm so glad it worked. I never want to miss anything Josh does.

I don't know why I do (and watch..and buy..) anything Josh Groban tells me to. It's probably some kind of brainwashing.

Why do they have to do that to the hair when he is on tv!!! .. & even the movie. Seriously, whats wrong with the brother having sexy hair... or even the nerdy lawyer in crazy stupid love having sexy hair!!!!

I haven't seen you act yet, so I will watch.
I don't know if you even read these, but I feel bad about the shirtless picture of you now on the internet. Oh well, it was bound to happen. Will you be able to stop the person from marketing the picture? Do you remember an interview you did (I don't remember where) at least a year ago with a woman with long, dark hair and you were standing outside. A young girl asked you if there were any shirtless pictures of you on the internet...she's probably doing cartwheels (or something)!!
Happy traveling!

I can't wait! You and the office are just an awesome combination!

I never watched the Office....Men you are Busy this year Josh! You are everywhere..No I' m not mad , I'm very happy for you

Take care.

Must see a office once otherwise have you seen pictures at least? It;s really superb and marvelous.Buy kitchen cabinets

I will definitely be tuning in to see this!
Anyone else get overly excited when Josh is on tv?
I DO! =D

Loving this profile action. Cannot wait to see you on The Office as Andy, Josh. Becoming quite the actor!

For God's sake Janie (and all your aliases) PLEASE STOP SPAMMING THIS SITE WITH ALL YOUR DELUSIONAL NONSENSE. Why don't you just DM or phone him since you're 'engaged' and leave the fan site alone. PCJG1

As Mr Groban said:for that song you should take your hat off!!!U.Stream concert.Not to forget the voice singing it!!
Yes,who invented such a joy??
Keep putting the links on as i told you befor i like them very much!So we all learn and see something!
Auguri per stasera con tanto alegria e per stanotte dormi bene e bel sogni!

Just saw Gary Wright with Dream Weaver.I must say beautifull!Sorry,my French is not that good.I don,t know if you agree with me but i like Mr Grobans music more!
Merci,pour le Hug!!
Staserà Dusseldorf!

I hope we will be able to see it over here in the uk. This sounds like it is going to be brilliant. We need to see more of Josh in the uk.

Mrandmrsg,i hope you had a good night sleep!!!
I like the Links you put on!!
Graziè e un abbraccio da me!Si,canta una bella canzone per me!Ma quello????
Jetzt England???

I don,t need to translate,do i????

Ma che Google??????Lo so che Il tua?? amore e il tua / tuo luce.E te mi ami??? Ma ,pensa un po??Si,vai a camminare con gli cani,e un buona cosa per passare il tempo!!Se tu sei bisogno qualchè aiuto,scrivi!!!!

Dio ti aiuti sempre!Che strano queste chat!!!Ma cè da ridere!!
Voglio solo un po di Verita!!!
Ogni uno devo trovare il suo luce,ma si vuole un po di aiuto!!!

Great!! Movie again...! You're really talented comedian but of cause need training, playing... It's great that they give you this opportunity. For your huge development in this field, Josh!! Hugs!! Lari

I'll be there too hopefully, if I can remember, may have to make a post-it note on my monitor!

ive never watched the office before, but i will not miss this episode!