Josh Back to Co-Host on LIVE! With Kelly

Josh Back to Co-Host on LIVE! With Kelly

Mark your calendars and set your DVR’s! Josh will be the guest co-host on LIVE! With Kelly again for two dates next week. Tune in on February 16th and 17th at 9am. Check your local listings for more information.

I may be a bit in the past, yes... though, I promise, I will be the fan that still talks about The Office also as if it's still playing fifteen years after it's already off the air.
Have you seen that episode where... ??
What do you MEAN they haven't been showing that for the last...


BUAH hah.
Yay for Regis and Kelly.
You rock, Josh and crew.

PS. You aren't switching to rap or heavy metal, are you?
I had this fantastic flashy wild and almost scary, and somehow still terrific vision.

I bet you have piercings.



Alright then. Whoops.

Kelly? hmmmm....

I'm sure that new movie will be very entertaining as well and I'm really grateful to Josh for making me laugh after awful days because it is the hardest thing of all.:)

Josh, you look great today.. :)

Hi Josh,
You were great on Live w/Kelly today and yesterday!!!
LOVED you on the Big Wheel !!!

Absolutely Awesome:)!

Hi Josh just finish watching Live with Kelly, its always a bonus to see you on day time TV. Can't wait to see the show tomorrow. I my opinion you really won the balloon popping contest ;-). I am glad things are going well with the new album, also I LOVE you in your glasses. Take care

Hi Josh, just want to say have a great time and good luck on live with Kelly Thursday and Friday. Can't wait to see you.

Can't wait to see you on Live with Kelly for the next two days! My favourite co-host.....if only I was a little younger....Mmmmm!

♥Happy Valentines Day Josh♥ Wishing you lots of Love, Laughter and Happiness on this and everyday.. Thinking of you!!.. will see you on Kelly I'm actually off on Thurs & Fri.. It'll be nice to see you again.. Thank You..:) Take Care..:)xo

Hi Joshua, hi everyone,

For Valentine`s Day here are some of my thoughts on love.

Love is

Love doesn`t fight
Love never asks why
Love doesn`t judge
Love is never a lie

" Love is"

Love doesn`t demand
Love never hurts
Love doesn`t possess
Love needs no words

" Love is"

Love doesn`t hide
Love never makes you cry
Love doesn`t seek
Love can not die

" Love is"

Love doesn`t frighten
Love never breaks a heart
Love doesn`t dispise
Love never tears apart

" Love is"

It also can be expressed inversely, it sounds so:

"Love is a flower
A little birds song
Love is a color
And it`s never wrong

Love is a sun ray
A warm shining light
Love is the power
That wins without fight

Love is a mirror
A sweet melody
Love is a picture
It`s always for free

Love is a snowflake
It`s rain on my face
Love is true beauty
Compassion and grace

Love is our guidance
The reason to move
Love means believing
Doesn`t need any proof

Love is inspiration
It is a piece of art
Love is a prayer
Coming deep from the heart."

There is love for everyone - always...:):):)

Can't wait to see the gorgeous crooner!!! ;0)

Cannot wait! Josh, you're ROCK, my congratulation and wishing Good Luck! Love Larisa

hurray! got the DVR set!


I'll be headed for New York...Driving from Orlando. Travel mercies as I it will be 18 hr. Universe will have to conspire to see Josh for one hour 2 days of the week. I'm so excited!

Two days after the Valentine's day ?
On valentine's day , wish you a Lovely day : you know that you will be in our heart and in our ears!!!!!!!
I'm happy that you will co-host again ,you are one of the best co-host that I saw since january. I hope that you will sing a new song too!
=) Can't wait to see you,on tv ...

Glasses? Contacts? Whatever! You are going to co-host with Kelly.......again! I'm super excited and look forward to waking up at 9am to see you! Besides going to work, you are the only thing that motivates me to get up that early! Lol!

I think It's great they want him to co-host again, and great that he wants to do it again too. It will be nice to see him having some fun. I bet he's been taking a "break" for a bit after all of his touring,etc. He does a great job as co-host, but I have a feeling he wouldn't want to do it everyday as his "day job". He loves touring and singing too much. As far as his glasses...... If he's near-sighted wonder if he's ever thought about having the eye surgery done so he doesn't have to worry about wearing anything to correct his vision. I know if I could have afforded it at his age I would have had it done. Then you don't have to worry about wearing anything to correct your sight.

Josh so happy to hear you are heading back to co-host with Kelly again! I love seeing you so relaxed and acting yourself - would love to see you as often as you'd like to be there! Which means I like to see you happy, and it seems to be a happy time for you on the show! All of us will support whatever you want to do, I think you have only just begun to show everyone all of your talents! I'm confident you will always sing and I hope you know how much we look forward to hearing you as much as we can! Silly or serious you're our #1 choice!
P.S. love you with your glasses, very handsome!! :)

Great News, Josh Please forgive me for loving you so much, I am trying so hard to seperate my craziness.. Prehaps when you find the girl of your dreams it will all go away very painfully but surely.. For so many of us world wide you are the King of the Pack in Music and in Charm.. Many Blessings to you always.. You Rock!!xo

Hope you sing. The world needs you

Josh please wear your contacts when you co host again with Kelly so everyone can see those beautiful brown eyes.

2 Thmumbs up! Josh is really nailing it on Josh and Kelly or Kelly And Josh! The whole wide world would have to watch! As the Mighty Spirit leads! All the Force be wih You Josh! Keys be with YOU!

A marvelous content articles often attracts numerous tourists, I think you can perform it! I admire your talent, wish to decide you once again following time in the works, I need you marvelous luck!
digimaster 3

josh have fun!!!

Please "like" Josh on The Live with Kelly! Co-host site here:

Josh knows exactly what he is doing. I trust him to make the right decision if the offer is made to him to permanently co-host. I'm really looking forward to seeing him as the romantic leading man in a movie. I listened to Closer today and it really shows the range of his voice. Songs like Oceano, Per Te, Alejate, When You Say You Love Me, etc. just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Josh, please for me, could you kindly wear your contacts?!!! I know it's early, but with a few eye drops, I'm sure it could work!!! Please, please, please!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you-2 whole hours!!! Thanks Josh!!!

HI! I'm Josh you are a Roam Ai Oh! AND i'LL BE
jEW LATE! hOW OFTEN does josh fly in one week? I think he lives on Air! Roam Ai OH!

YAY!!!!! MADE MY WEEK!!!! Josh you are AMAZING host!!! So excited!!!

Thank goodness for Youtube!
I am in the UK!
Josh will be great fun, as usual. He is the best!

I can't wait!!!!!!

I am so happy to see him again on Live with Kelly. He does a fantastic job. He's so funny and laid back. Kelly and Josh shine together. However, I do love to see him sing more than anything else. I hope he spills some comments about the album and the movie and anything else he has brewing.

My DVR will definately be set both days before I leave to bring the kids to school! I still have the last two dates he co-hosted w/Kelly.

Good for Josh to do this!
For him it,s great to do different things!!!!
But I hope so, that he is keeping up the singing part!!!!!!
At the otherhand if this is what he wants, I wish him all the luck in the world!!!

So good news!! are the BEST co-host EVER!! It's so wonderful to see you from time to time with Kelly. Love it!!!
BUT don't do it permanent pretty please!!
I love it much more to hear/ see you sing on stage again!!! (Only MY opinion!!)

As much as I love seeing Josh on TV, whatever the venue, I much prefer hearing him sing (or if possible hearing him AND seeing him sing). A full time gig as a talk-show co-host? I think not! Keep the music coming! I'd rather see him get parts in films, which would allow him the freedom he needs to compose and sing and follow wherever his musical muse takes him. And yup, we'll be there waiting!

Will be happy to see you. But, please spill some details about the new album. We r waiting impatiently as always!! Need to DVR, will b working. wish they would check my work schedule before they sign him up to appear! LOL!!


Finally, the world sees Josh's true intellect and wit, great sense of humor and ability to be spontaneous and charming. He is probably not interested in permanent co-host status, but this opportunity to co-host (8th and 9th time?) gives him broad exposure to segments of viewers who only know the "serious singer" and who may think he is kind of nerdy. Our Josh is anything (ANYTHING!) but nerdy! Not many people shine as he does in this co-host chair. See how he makes Kelly giggle??

I think him making a new album is better than being a permant co-host. Although I do love seeing him on TV. :)

I love watching him on that show, but I don't think he should be the permanent co-host. i look forward to seeing him again!

Do you really want Josh to give up singing to be the permanent co-host? I hope he keeps on making music! I think he has fun doing it and he's very good at it, but I would be very surprised if he even considered doing it permanently.

They should just hire him full-time as co-host.

Josh should be the permanent co-host! If you agree, please "like" this facebook page!

that is awesome get the DVR's ready Josh fans I did already Love Josh Groban

They did this same thing, before they hired Kelly. Inviting her back, again and again, their ratings were always high, so it was logical that she should be the next co-host for Regis. I'll bet the ratings have been high, when Josh has been on, too.

If there was a way to vote for Josh, He has my vote for sure.

That is fantastic, I vote for Josh to be Kelly's permanent co-host. They have great chemistry together and Josh is so naturally funny. Love him