Josh On StarTalk Radio

Josh On StarTalk Radio

Josh stopped by StarTalk Radio yesterday to chat with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video now and stay tuned for more info on when the episode will air.

Love the hair. You are so handsome and talented. Can't wait for the interveiw, and the new album. Love you and Thank You for being my Angel:)

Hello Josh; How are you :) ? My video player is running slow, but you look FANTASTIC :D; enjoy hearing about all that you do:)!! Thanks for sharing this:)!!
~ Have a Wonderful Evening + Day :)!!

Great.. ♫Miss You Like Crazy♫.. Try to Go on KellyLive..Please!!... :).. ♥Peace♥... ..

I can come for you in LA! I love you Josh! I'm in San Francisco and believe me I can love you all the way to New York and beyond!


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Where did all of your hair go?!?! :) Love it!!!!

You look good!

i miss the curls as well.

but your amazing like always <3

whoa... sorry Josh, but miss your curls and longer hair.. tho you still as cute as a bug.. and always entertaining... and always fun to watch... or I guess leer and drool....

love it. i will be waiting for the full video.

Dear JOSH,
I loved this !!

Hi Josh, It's a good time to get away with your folks and re-group for a while. Thanks for the behind the scenes of your interview. No doubt, you will make this interview very entertaining with your wit. You do give the best interviews!

On another note; I'm enjoying your singing "Sous le ciel de Paris" with Placido Domingo and Eugene Kohn... it's such a beautiful song! You must be proud of being a part of "Songs." Congratulations on your continued successes!
It's good to see you... Take care!

I love it ... i'll wait for full video....have a beautiful and funny day.. Besitos.JS

Looks like a very relax chat!
Staying tuned for more!!!!!
Josh your funny as ever!

Dear Josh,

These are VERY interesting discussions so thank you for sharing with us. What did you do at the radio station? Did you participate, share your views, talk astrophysics with Dr. Tyson or just drop in to meet him and say hello because he was from the Natural History Museum? Did you closely listen to the information about "Time"? I like Dr. Tyson's comment that we're "prisoners in the present light". We have time because things repeat? Since you're interested in your world, outer space, and Astronomy, this must have been a great interview. His explanations were understandable and interesting for a layman as myself. I recently looked up the Aurora Borealis phenomena because a guy at work was going to Alaska. Dr. Tyson explained this wonderment in language I could understand and maybe remember. THANK YOU for sharing these videos. Please keep them on here to access in the future? Thank you.

Take care,


Love it.

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