Album Cover, Title, & Release Date!

Album Cover, Title, & Release Date!

The big day is finally here! Drumroll please… Josh’s new album is titled All That Echoes and will be released on February 5th, 2013. Check out the album cover through Josh’s new Instagram account @JoshGroban, and don’t forget to follow him.

Here’s what Josh has to say about the album:

“From beginning to end, this project has blossomed with absolute joy and inspiration.  Together with Rob Cavallo and all the incredible collaborators, we set out to create songs that could bridge the old and the new, the light and the dark of life and love ... all that echoes in our souls. This album makes me feel good, and I hope others feel the same way.”

Can you please record this new Leonard Cohen song? It really suits your voice....

This new CD sounds gorgeous, I can't wait!

C'est sûre que nous allons aimé ton album, surtout décrit comme tel: tu as mis tout ton amour dedans. L'attente sera longue... Et biensûr on te suivra: tu as toujours de drôles d'anecdotes à nous raconter.
a+ Jo.

C'est sûre que nous allons aimé ton album, surtout décrit comme tel: tu as mis tout ton amour dedans. L'attente sera longue... Et biensûr on te suivra: tu as toujours de drôles d'anecdotes à nous raconter.
a+ Jo.

You make echo in my life! :D February 5th, 2013... a great day!

I feel like the most bessed person on the world to have come to know, hear ,see and respect you, Josh Groban. Your parents must have the magic recipe for inspiring a child at his earliest age to feel the love and generosity of the world ,internalize it and then share it with the rest of the world. I am so proud to be a grobanite and I look forward to your new CD. Your eyes are deep pools of serenity and love. Happy Thanksgiving.

So great to hear these info... I can't wait to hear your new creation... by far this is one of the best album titles I've ever read. Goooood!

WOW!!! I am soooooo beyond excited 4 the new album!!! I bet it's gonna be extraspecial and breathtaking! U broke the tradition of #SingleNamedAlbum so I guess that means this 1's gonna be a bit different..aaaand I loooove new I can't wait to hear it!! aaaand Joshua..u know u r a VEEERY SEXY man, right?u look hot in every single pic..buuuut in this 1 u look #SexyasHell !! MMMMMMM U're juuuust like wine..getting better with time! I LOOOOOVE that hairstyle! HAWT...absolutely HAWT! *mwuah* #AllThatEchoes

Thank you Joshua ! I am looking forward to hearing to all these new songs that will have an ECHO IN MY SOUL for sure !

With all my true affection !

After long, hard work...

Congrats to you, Joshua, and to all creative souls by your side.
"All That Echoes" sounds very exciting and I`m really looking

Love you

P.S. The cover looks beautiful.

LOVE your photo on the new CD cover and can't wait to hear it!!

I hope it is echoes from the past Josh. I think you are getting "Closer" to the truth.

Wonderful news!!! Can't wait to listen to this musical Cloud Atlas :)

Wow!, The album cover I love it, love it, love it! February can't get here soon enough. Something to look forward to after the holiday letdown, and getting through dreary, cold, snowy January and February. This is the best news of the day!

Congratulations, on your new album. Can't wait for Feb.5,2013, to get the new album and to get tickets to the concert in the near future. Your voice, your music, is so beautiful and very comforting, and relaxing. Thank you. :)

That is such fabulous news, man! Congratulations on the completion of yet another soon-to-be top selling album! There's NO better way to start a New Year than with another JG album! :)

My God, I'm so excited! Such an AMAZING shot of Josh! And I absolutely LOVE the title and his explanation! So pleased!

What exciting times we live in! I'm so looking forward to February 5th. The cover is stunning - great photo of Josh and I love the title, especially his explanation of it. I'm so pleased for him that he feels good about the album. I know we will all love it too.

a new CD????? that means TV appearances and hopefully a tour!!!!! made a big
X on my calender!!

This looks great Josh...I was already at the store looking for your new cd...ha ha no wonder I couldnt find it....guess Ill have to wait until February...with Love to you and your family..Happy Thankgiving

So happy to share the excitement of this release of the new album. Being a new fan, all I remember about the release of Illuminations was looking down at the counter at Starbucks and seeing the Album and almost buying it just because the cover looked so good to me ! So I was just a Grobie waiting to happen. This seems to be going fast-- great things to come.. Lots of talent and hard work has made it happen!! yay CAN"T WAIT

Can't wait to hear that powerful, amazing, beautiful, "one of a kind" voice once again Febr 5th!! I've already pinned it and tweeted the date! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In a true style we are beginning to expect from you, you met and exceeded our expectations. It is a joy to listen to your awesome voice. You have truly been blessed. Do you ever get scared listening to yourself sing and realize its your own voice. I'm a true blue fan. P.S. I love your wit and humor. In addition to being a world class musician you are a real hoot.

I have such a GOOD feeling about this!

Ooohhh yeesss, Congratulations Josh.........................................

Gorgeous photo of you on the cover.........Don't ever say bye-bye to your sexy dark curls......................

I like the album photo! Can't wait to hear it.

I'm sure I will love it like all other albums! You never deceived me Josh! Thanks for that and also because I will have it for my birthday on February 10th!!! YEEEAAAAHHHH, I'm so excited too!

I bet it will make us all *feel good*. Congratulations Josh...on the birth of another great album... <3

I am simply so happy for you, friend.You have put your whole heart into it, and told us about the journey. It cannot be anything less that the whole of yourself at this time of life, and you honor us to show it. I know the 2nd beginning comes now, tour planning, promos, incredible excitement, fun and joy. There are millions waiting to embrace this work, and you. I don't whether to just grin or burst into tears for you! (LOL!) Is the cover Bryan's? You look fantastic, and you've ripened. The boy lives inside now (thank the Gods!) but this face and demeanor is a gentleman. With a full heart, looking for you from the crowd soon, Judy, still in Portsmouth, NH

This is a very nice cover. I really like it.

Can a cover photo really make someone drool? the answer is yes!! Josh, that picture is too hot to handle. Gonna need OVE gloves to pick up my copy. Thanks for the early Valentines present, you golden throated man. Yes!!

Wonderful News, exquisite cover.. Congratulation on your completion of the album. Looking so forward to Feb!

I dreamt about it last night!!! Yeah, good news. I can't wait to listen to your new songs.
Thanks Josh.

I'm really excited to listen to your new creation! You've been on fire with it and I know, like all your others works, it'll be wonderful. I hope you let us hear it on-line the night before like you did with "Illuminations." Any chance? xoxo

I loved the cover, and even more the title!!! Can't wait till February

I'm very happy and i looking forward to the release date. Can't wait... by the way, very nice cover :)

Love the cover! Love the title! The little crumbs and teasing tidbits you gave us, kept us hungry for more. I so believe this will be a huge success for you, Josh!! The echoes of our hearts and souls will move as one as we listen, feel and experience all this album has to give. Thank you, for all your hard work, sleepless nights and the ethereal voice that is unlike any other on the planet.

I just told my husband, Feb. 5th :) He says, what? I said, Josh's new CD comes out. He says Oh God.....I can tell he's as excited as I am :P

Just great, Josh............Your extraordinary voice on another CD.......Eagerly anticipating its release........Thank you a million times...........

From the moment it was announced at the Robert Mondavi Winery Summer Concert that Josh would release a new album, I have felt the electric tingling of anticipation. This new album title along with Josh's overview of his feelings about what the music reveals is fabulous. Feb. 5 cannot come soon enough. Looking forward to the pre-release teasers and public appearances. What an awesome way to begin the holiday season! *;*

Yes!!! I'm so happy your new album is coming out so fast =) I'm echoeing the wait for the concert =P <3 Blessings!

Beautiful picture Josh.. Can't wait to hear it, "All That Echoes" hum??.. sounds interesting.. I wish you all the best with it.. I'm echoeing the wait.. lol... Peace babyface..:)xo

I cannot log into Instagram.

I love the cover and I cannot wait to hear the music. Maybe, just maybe Josh will bless the members of this site with a song or two before the release date.

I love this man so much.


I cannot log into Instagram.

I love the cover and I cannot wait to hear the music. Maybe, just maybe Josh will bless the members of this site with a song or two before the release date.

I love this man soooooooooooooo much.


The jacket Josh is wearing on the cover is so perfect. A little bit of suit coat mixed with a cardigan sweater. Perfect. And his haircut is great, of course. All in all, a total package!!!


Aww, such a great title!!
And what an awesome album cover! ( ・`ω・´) Looks so clean-cut. HAHA.

I still cannot enter to instagram! "All that echoes" sounds sorrow like "All in the past...". But what it' is NOW and in FUTURE?

i am so excited!!!! I really love the cover and the title. saving my money to see you if you come to florida it will be my first time seeing josh in concert so i pray he does come.

Amazing cover and title! Congratulations!!! Cannot wait...Thank you for GREAT job, Josh and all team & much inspiration!! Tried to follow you on new instagram but it's may be too early?..not worked. Anyway I am simple happy and proud for you, dearest Josh. May all you dream come true!!!XO Lari