All That Echoes Pre-Order News

All That Echoes Pre-Order News

Josh's new album, All That Echoes, will be available for pre-order on 11/27 through as an expanded fan edition CD. To pre-order just the standard CD, click here and get it on Amazon.

When is the expanded fan edition going to be avaliable....I need to order it before I enter the monastery I'm joining...HELLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

I really can't wait I have a good feeling on this one I think it's gonna be better than Illumination :)


Good Morning,
Does Josh know what pretty eyes he has? Who cares what's inside the cover? I just want to stare at the cover photo. He's probably looking right at us, but blind as a bat without his glasses. Anyway did I hint that the cover is great? Looking forward to a new journey, Josh. Take us away from the grind of everyday living?

Take care and love

Hey Buddy, just want to say that I'm looking forward to your new album, and I hope that you will be performing in NY again soon. Good luck , and have a Happy Holiday season!
Regards from John Rinaldi NYC aka Changojoni

Hey Buddy, just want to say that I'm looking forward to your new album, and I hope that you will be performing in NY again soon. Good luck , and have a Happy Holiday season!
Regards from John Rinaldi NYC aka Changojoni

hey josh love the cover and I know that I will love the cd do we as fans get a special dvd and a bonus song on the new album?

Love the cover !Cant wait to hear whats inside <3

can't wait!!! Bet it's fantastic, like always.

You can be sure that I'll pre-order!!! Probably two, like in the past. I LOVE Josh Groban!!!

OMG are you hot on this picture or not??? Wow! I'm very impress with this picture. Can't wait to hear the new album.

Good Day Mr. Groban,
May I ask where you got that coat you are wearing on the Cover CD for, "All That Echoes."

Bare with me Grobanites this is the last one it is becoming a pain in the A double scribble !

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY ! ( better late than never ) LOL !

Hello Dj hope you also had a good Turkey Day ! Gobble Gobble

Ditto happened again Sorry !

Oooooops I seem to be somehow duplicating posts 3 times over my orginal post , Sorry am not meaning to take up extra posting space on nothing !

Now that is something that makes me glad to be here and is something that every true blue Grobanite is tickled to dealth to hear . It is only 4 days away until I preorder my copy and since the STY Tour I have been trying patiently to wait , but is very difficult to wait so long . Still this is better than the other times we had to wait for Josh to realese a New album and he worked alot quicker may I add . For it only seems like yesterday July 16th - July 18th that I spend time with him at the Kelly Show and as he said , his final goodbye to the audience that day . Josh turned around into the camera and talked about the fun he had cohosting the show , but gave a smile and grin and said , " That it is time that I go back to music land " and that is just what he has done with this New album . It won't be long now before , we will actually get to hear as well as see and hold the fruits of his labor ! Which Josh spoke of only 4 months ago upon leaving the Kelly Show and with these memories in mind I can not wait for Josh's new album , but very happy too that it finally has a name " All That Echoes " ! Enjoy the Album Everbody as I know already that I sure will ! After all I did have to wait for it , LOL !

Dear Elmy I posted this once B4 in my journal but now its out for you, just like all that echoes and is so true...
I know this record will be best one yet ever, :)

Could his next new CD coming out
Be so different? May I say, off the cuff?
Possibly beholds more than enough...

Within it could there be songs for one and all
Like a story that needed to be talked about & told
That started so long ago

Could this be more than just a Love song for one
Could it be meant for a World that needs so much more
For there always seems to be a war going on
Peoples' hearts' are breaking everywhere
Tending needs to be done with gentle care
And Kan this CD help restore Everyone?

For Faith is in the eye of the beholder
Just like the beauty
It can be smoothered out
When it is overbearing or overburdened

Like receiving the meaning of a song
For Peace is so needed everywhere
But Grace and Mercy must first come
Love must be the outward sign to bring the beginning
To help everyone

The charity of outstretched arms starts
from within each of our hearts
Its a beat, a sound, that can't be denied
When we receive it becomes whole
It becomes complete inside
For what do we have if we do not have Charity
We have lost the heartbeat of PEACE

Have a Great Thanksgiving one and all!!

Tooooo excited for words!!

Wishing Josh, family & everyone, a very "Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving...!

While celebrating our many blessings, let's remember & pray for our less fortunate brothers & sisters as well!

Have a blessed day -

It will be so hard to wait for this new album! Can't wait for the tour, either!
LOVE the cover, with no glasses on! Your eye's are way too great to cover with glasses...who need's to see, anyway? :)
Seriously, just hoping this one has a lot of great song's like AWAKE & CLOSER, as both my husband & I really love the classical/crossover pop side of your talent. Love the music you write and really hope there will be a lot of song's that are NOT in English, as that makes them more romantic, for some reason..
Thanks Josh! We are all so proud of you and not only do you LOOK great on your album cover, but the title is also outstanding!

Merry Christmas to me!!

Perfection takes time... so happy to wait for this gift of the finest music money can buy. Josh, you put so much of yourself into this... I know it will be your finest work to date. Thank you for all you do and the wonderful man you are.

Great photo Josh.....What's wonderful about your face, is that you look as if you are smiling, when you aren't--Maybe in this photo you are, however.......I guess you have God to thank.......

Those eyes are awesome! Just like whole notes...

one word: Patience!

I went on Amazon and They won't mail it til Feb 5th.. I thought I would be able to get it asap.. bummer..:) Anyhow.. I love the picture and the hidden expression.. Cute..Talk to lol...:)

What a pitty, we have to wait to get here in Brazil!

How many total songs are on the fan edition? Does anyone have a guess? I am a new member of FOJG, so I don't know.

Get ready to have this site crashed with everybody pre-ordering Josh's new CD on 11/27. I know I'm ordering it that day! I Can't Wait!!

Next 27th? Why not now? I can't wait!!!

Every time I look at this cover, I am just breathless. The intensity is alive. I so want to know what you had on your mind at the time; probably your dry cleaning or how hungry you were!

yes i cant wait to but tis time i will pre order the fan edtion
last time i just could not wait

Aaaaaah!!! can't wait!!! :)

it's so dthanks for the news.... and have a nice day. besitos from the end of the world.JS


For sure i will preorder and i want the Fan edition for myself!
Are there any bonusses with the Fan edition,just like with Illuminations??????They send me a digital one too,with Le cose chè tu sei per me and They won,t go when i go!!!
OOO,man, i am so curieus!!!!!

So thanks, Josh, for the New Disk!! I don't listen this else... but so exiting and cannot wait... Sure, it will be GREAT!!

Ok, I'll wait for our special edition then.
How come it is a "shame" to wait until Feb? Really... the man and his team have been working hard on this, and they want to have a really good production out there. This is not like Rihanna singing a new made-up song every 4 months. This is music. Real, good music. And it takes time, effort and lots of talent and love to be ready. Let us just enjoy the sweet anticipation :-)

Yayayaaah, I've done it, pre-ordered disk on Amazon. It will be shipping to Februar 7th-11th just to my home in Moscow district in Russia. Ura! $25 for!!!

So excited to get the expanded edition. Please just be sure that album cover is totally there. That haircut and picture are wonderful. What a great change. Josh, you always look great, but that pic is yummy!!

Its shame that we still have to wait til February before it arrives tho, but really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, excited!!!!!!!

Its shame that we still have to wait til February before it arrives tho, but really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, excited!!!!!!!

So So Soooooooo excited!! <3

Yippeeeeeee!!!! :D :D :D

i can´t wait!!!! i wanna see how many songs there are in the album and how many languages Josh is singing in it. i loved the illuminations fan edition and i hope the All That Echoes is just as wonderfull