Check Out The Single Cover For “Brave”

Check Out The Single Cover For “Brave”

Josh will release his new single, “Brave,” digitally in North America on December 18th, 2012. As lead-off track from his forthcoming album, All That Echoes, Josh co-wrote “Brave” and explains in this video blog that the song is about finding strength and conquering adversity.

What do you think of the single cover?

Thank you Josh for releasing your beautiful and inspiring song yesterday to help us all at this difficult time. It is perfect. God Bless You..

Thank you so much Josh for releasing your powerful new song Brave today. It was such a thoughtful thing to do in light of the school tragedy in your country. Here is Australia, my thoughts and tears are with the children, teachers, families and community affected. As a teacher of 5 & 6 year olds, I was wondering what to say to my dear students tomorrow, to reassure them, to help them to be brave. Your song Josh has been just what I needed. It's beautiful.

Josh got it, I must say it's so beautiful, so much meaning, In telling a story, heres one for you..How can one try and be brave when shes use to a certain way, how can that person just walk away as much as she wants to, so hard ,but yet the storm is still waging inside of her a breath of sunshine in her heart waiting for that ship to capture the rose and take it away. so delicate in feeling.. {ok.. Now a rebuttal for this is needed.}. Thank you for sharing your stories.. Beautiful Song Josh.. Love your songs..:) ♥Peace♥

I do like this cover very much! And the song itself. Thank you, Josh. Can´t wait to listen to the whole album. x

Just heard Brave! Awesome, Josh. Great rhythm. Thankyou for surprising us and tweeting it early. The world needed something positive on this very sad day.

Is it the sound truck of the animation movie "Brave" by Disney ?


You can never go wrong with black and white, and everyone knows in love it isn't just black and white, there is every facet in between.

If the song "Brave" lives up to the cover shot, it will blow us all away.

Oh how I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the photoshoot for this album. All of the pics have been gorjosh!

Boy do I wish I was a fly on the wall at this photo shoot
. I can't wait for the album , to see hopefully more pictures, so far these have all been gorjosh!

What a Great shot !! Looking forward to the release of Brave ! :)

ok, distant friend... Joshua. You look like a young man in this beautiful black coat...but you are looking down to the are a bit introspective... BE BRAVE! Good luck with your new single I really like this idea of overcoming your problems and just keep alive and go ahead. I will try to do the same... :)

You look vulnerable and sexy. :)


The cover is very deep and moving. I cannot wait until the song comesw out . All I can say is your voice makes me brave. Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year,

Oh wow.. What a wonderful Christmas present! So thoughtful of you! <3 I love the cover!!!

Nice cover is that! ... but I love it more unshaved :-)

Love the cover and I'm excited to hear the single Brave.

Fantastic!! SO natural!! So Josh Groban!!

So thoughtful! So beautiful! So you ;)

;) Merry Christmas to you

I adore the cover. I love the Tawgs Salter version but when Josh releases it on Tues Dec 18 I will truly be on the moon. I know it will truly b over the top with Josh plus a full orchestra behind. This pic is so absolutely gorgeous! how could it not b with Josh ! impossible!

The cover is Beautiful. Nothing less. Sophisticated, good world market . Love it. Can I get a 16 X 24 signed, With love to my first wife", Josh ???

Oh wow! That's gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing this!

Thankyou for another beautiful cover photo of Josh. Such a lovely pensive expression. I'm really looking forward to hearing his new song Brave. I know it will be wonderfully inspiring like so many of his other songs. I hope I'll be able to access it soon - still having a few hiccups with my order, but I'm sure everything will soon be sorted. In the meantime, thanks again for the vlog Josh. It is so great to hear what inspires you to write and sing such wonderful music.
Love always, Fedele.

Love it! Thanks for the preview.

I think I will see the connection between the pic and song better when I hear the song.. but the picture on its own look great. Can't wait


i love it so much (the pic) and I'm excited for the single. thanks so much for sharing it .. but just "digitally in North America on December 18th," mmm and the other places of the world .. well good luck Joshua.. and have a nice day . besitos muchos from the end of the world .JS