Final ‘All That Echoes’ Bonus Track Announced!

Final ‘All That Echoes’ Bonus Track Announced!

The 3rd and final bonus track from Josh’s All That Echoes fan edition CD will be called “Grazie.” “Grazie” is an Italian song written by Josh, Walter Afanasieff, and Marco Marianageli. If you missed the previous reveals, the All That Echoes fan edition CD will include a newly recorded studio version of “Changing Colours,” a cover of Dave Matthews Band classic, “Satellite,” and “Grazie.” The CD also includes fan club membership, a special digi-pak, and more.

Pre-order the fan edition CD HERE and start your new year right!

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WHY is this to see in www , but your Album to sell at 5.2.2013
is this a fake ????

Josh, you could sing the phone book and I'd be happy...oh wait, is that on the new album? haha. Can't wait to hear the next song, but Brave is helping me so much. You are awesome!

even though i like the songs Josh writes himself best, i don't mind him doing "cover songs". lots of time i hear another artist doing a great song, but i always think, JOSH would sound so much better doing this. Remember "downtown train" Rod Stewart. i loved josh's version so much more.

...we say GRAZIE to you (especially if you decide to come here!!!) We look forward to an Italian tour :)

Can't wait for the new "Echoes"......

And thank you for updating us - Josh and team ! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May it will be lucky and wonderful!! Lari

It's nice! I pre-odered already, but hope to listen to a new song from here one day. Good beginning of the Year!! Thank you, Josh - you are our ALL, you know. Music in my heart is connected with you, and I am happy with it. THANK YOU FOR A MUSIC, THE SONGS AND SINGERS!! XO

Thank you for the update Josh! I'm overly excited!!! A month to go.. can't wait!!

It's so great .. thanks so much for sharing it .....good luck in all. Besitos from the end of the world.JS

I already ordered the CD, But I'll re-order again just to get the bonus tracks.. Josh I love Changing Colours.. a few more weeks and I'll have my cd.. can't wait.. Peace Baby.. :)xo

I have no problem with Josh doing covers. In fact it will only go to prove what I already know, that the original artists are very much second best, as is anyone compared to our unique and awesome Josh!!!!

I love every thing about this new album it sounds great. Brave it self are already a hit can't wait to hear the rest. :)

I just hope his hair grows back!

I don't mind him doing covers. There's so many nice songs he could do justice to. It took him 4 years to get the last one out b/c he wrote the whole thing. It's not an easy process.
Look how good Bridge Over Troubled Waters turned out.

Sounds good, but I don't know how I really feel about all the cover tracks on this album. I'm sure he'll make them sound amazing as everything he sings is amazing, but I like it better when an artist writes their own stuff. I guess I'll just have to wait and hear the songs to be sure.

Sounds great! Can't wait :)

Yay! This makes me happy :) I don't know why but reading about this gave me chills, I got a feeling this is a great song!Could this be the next Awake ;) ?