TV ALERT: Josh On Access Hollywood Live Tomorrow!

TV ALERT: Josh On Access Hollywood Live Tomorrow!

Tune in to Access Hollywood Live tomorrow, January 3rd for a special live segment with Josh! For a list of local times and stations, click here.

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I'm not sure whether this is the right segment but if you google 'Josh Groban hopeless romantic' (no commas needed) there's a really nice short interview and he's wearing his cute gloves. It's lovely to see him looking so relaxed and happy and he certainly should be. He's done it again - another great song with wonderfully inspiring words.
It's turning out to be a terrific idea releasing some songs before the whole album.
Congratulations, Josh and thankyou so much!

For those that missed Josh, I found two excellent segments on the Access Hollywood website where he talks about his new album, the cold weather (so cute in his gloves) and even wears the Miss Universe crown for a second! It was great to see Josh, relaxed and funny and "braving" the cold, while I was sweltering in 41C (105F) in Melbourne!

Watched but didn't see Josh. Will it be on another night?gj

I watched it but didn't see Josh. Will it be on another time, rather than 03Jan? Gloria Jean

I missed it,:(,However, I will try and see if I can find highlights to your Lovely Interview somehow :)!!

awe shucks ducks... i'm going to be at work too.. and i haven't got a clue how to set the DVR... so hopefully they will have it online... Best to you JOSH! you keep us so inline and in tune!

Sadly none of my stations carry this show. Hope we'll find it recorded somewhere for those who do not get it.

Awesome.. good luck tomorrow.. i 'll see you .... a lot of hugs and besitos.JS

So excited, it is showing in my area - too bad I will be at work....have DVR set. Thanks Sarah for letting us know.