Win A Trip To See Josh In NYC!

Win A Trip To See Josh In NYC!

What could be better than seeing Josh live in theaters? Seeing Josh live in person!

In support of Josh's special concert, Josh Groban Live: All That Echoes, we're giving fans a chance to win round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and a pair of tickets to see Josh Groban live in New York City

To enter the sweepstakes, simply click HERE and connect with Josh for your chance to win.

Yeah, can you buy tickets for this? Very unclear

And again it's only for US Residents!!! More and more disappointed by marketing campaign of JG! You have to be rich to be a fan of Josh!!!!

But at the end, the most important thing is that Josh still sing for us...!! :-)

Thank you for your songs and your voice... Love it :D

Thank You for the giving us the chance to see this Event LIVE IT WILL BE AWSOME !!!!!


A really great idea..good luck to who ever the winner'll have an awesome time!!

Thanks Josh! Amazing opportunity!'d be a blessing to my soul...well I any fan soul!
Love from Argentina!

Wow! That would be so AWESOME!

What an opportunity. Only with Josh and his fanclub and Sarah could something like this happen Every day it just keeps getting better, Thank you and good luck to all.

Well, this is a great way to start my Friday, wonderful, just wonderful. Keeping my fingers crossed. Never been to NYC, would love for this to be the first.
Huges and Kisses, Terri

The best of luck everyone! <3

Wow .. fantastic......i love this idea..... well now only faith ... Besitos from the end of the world. Chile.JS

is it only available for the Americans??? I could choose my country and zip code.. why I read on the related thread it's only for USA residents??? :(

yess!! i will see you soon..i love Josh..espero ganar :)))

is it only available for the Americans??? I could choose my country and zip code.. why I read on the related thread it's only for USA residents??? :(

i entered as well. would definitely love to win.hopefully the one who wins knows with at least a week notice so they can ask for there vacation days. i can just imagine telling my boss i need to take my vacation a little early because i won a contest to see josh.LOL!!!

Wow! Such exciting news! Good luck everyone!

Just got in a while ago from work, so ok wanted to see the latest on your website and now theres a NYC trip giveaway.. Is this for real or what? I never have luck with these things anyhow..When is this theater concert happenning?.. would love to see it only if I can't afford a trip to NYC right now.. Obamanomics put a damm hole in my pocket with low sales for my other half and I have to pick up the slack for it.. so such as life..Money doesn't make me or break me.. I'm happy no matter what.. If I win..That would be a small break for me to get the heck out of town.. anyhow..Thank you.. I entered.. hey Good Luck with your concert.. Peace.. Babe..:)

Thanking you in advance if you're being true blue.. lol..:)

Ei, que vull anar a NYC!!!
I want to go to NYC!!!