Josh On CSI NY

Josh On CSI NY

TV ALERT: Josh will appear on the February 15th Valentine's Day episode of CSI:NY as himself performing new song "Happy In My Heartache." Click here for a reminder about the airing. For the latest TV appearances and special events featuring Josh, check out the Special Appearances section on and look out for many new TV appearances to be announced soon.

Good Morning,
Is this the correct date? CSI: NY is on TV on Fridays, but media says special Valentine's Day episode. The 15th is day after Valentine's Day. I checked media articles again, but they don't give a date for Josh's appearance. Thank you.
Take care,

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I've honestly had my fills of CSI's but just because it's Josh of course I'm going to watch it

It's a date!

it's so awesome....... good luck ... besitos.jS