Josh Q&A On Details

Josh Q&A On Details

Josh was recently interviewed by Details Magazine. Click here to read the feature. You may even learn something. 

Love this interview and the picture of you is stunning! It's nice to read and watch interviews with you because that brings us (your fans) closer to you and we get to know you better. Can't wait to see you on tour. Lots of love :-)

Nothing NEW learned from here either . Glad for sharing the article just the same as it was well written and gives others the chance to see the TRUE Josh and the guy we have all come to LOVE ! !

Good questions. Good answers. Eye liner? Bahaha! I doubt that this movie will be in my genre, but I am SO looking forward to seeing you in the snippets on FOJG or Twitter. I know you'll be really good!
You should've had someone start your car while you were away!
Thanks for sharing so much so openly. You're safe here! ;)

Nope, didn't really learn anything new about Josh, except that the battery in his Porsche kept running down. What a surprise in the warm California air, opposed to UT freezing temps. Porsche is a high maintenace vehicle.
Take care,

- Now the rock stars I know are the healthiest people. "Oh, you get vitamin B-12 injections in the ass too?" -

Honey, honestly, it is a pill. Don't worry about that!

Awesome Interview:)!! Thank You so much for sharing a bit of Yourself with us:)!!

You are such a multi dimensional man. I SO enjoy your humor and I too think SNL should be begging you to be on their show. You seem to really be having more fun with your work/calling and seem so much freer to let your real self be known. You say you are interested in a serious relationship but how can one become a sincere candidate for that?

You should be on SNL! We all know you would be funny as hell! What's wrong with SNL for not begging you to do their show! Loved the interview! I wish you find love soon! You deserve it!

Really nice interview.. interesting.... thanks for sharing.. hugs and besitos from Chile.JS

Well, I'm glad he's not intimidated by interviews...Very candid and quite funny...AND SHOCKING!! He's quite a character.