UPDATED: All That Echoes Listening Parties Around The World

UPDATED: All That Echoes Listening Parties Around The World

Starting today, fans around the world will have the opportunity to experience Josh's new album All That Echoes. Below, find a list of active listening parties happening across the globe. If you don't see your country listed, check back as this post will be updated with the latest listening parties.

Enjoy the record and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

- Argentina
- Australia
- Canada
- Hungary
- Mexico
- New Zealand
- Romania
- South Africa
- Turkey
- UK
- US

What about Asia Josh..? Remember your fans in Asia... Don't leave us out..

How about Philippines Josh.We're waiting for so long..thank you!

Brazil is not in the list. I hope for soon that my country can be added.
I'm waiting............
Kiss from Brazil.

Really liked the version of 'she moved through the fair'

Please don't forget to share it with little BELGIUM country, little but with a big loving heart for your music!!!

love love love it.. so wonderful that full advantage of that magnificent voice was utilized.. anyone can sing a pop song but only josh has the big pipes for music like they produced.. i was crying by the end...thank you so much well worth the wait and anticipation,

And Chile?? Seems I'm gonna have to take a plane and cross the Cordillera to get to Argentina and listen the album.

Or just cross my finger so I'll get my pre-order soon enough?

When will you add more countries? Holland is waiting for you!!

Absolutely love this album, with one of my all time favourite songs 'I Believe' sung magnificently by you Josh. When are you coming to tour the UK????

I didn't have itunes; so now I am downloading it:). I can't wait until I hear all of Your Beautiful Music :D!! Thank You so Very Much for Sharing this With All of Us:D!!

Wow! Josh... I'm loving this!!! I soo can't wait till I get my hands on the actual disc on 5th February!! I'm speechless!! Josh, you've outdone yourself with this one!!!

WOW Josh,
BRAZILIAN fans are out of the party.... Please share with Brazil too. Can´t wait until 5th feb to get my CD....

After a crazy day at work, I'm rockin' to the False Alarms! Awesome :-)

WOW, what a suprise to come home to after doing midnight to 9am at work to find out Australia can streamline your cd. I have had it blaring from my computer speakers. I am unable to pick a favorite just yet, though Josh i just wanted to hug you after listening to Happy In My Heartache. I love that a couple of the songs have what i felt were a Carribean beat to them. I just wanted to close my eyes and listen to the beat. Look forward to seeing you in Melbourne, Australia. XO :-)

You sound awesome! I love every song!!!

Happy for you and us!

ITALY.... please :)

What about Spanish Fans???
Please add Spain in your list!!!

This new Cd is a masterpiece. I love every bit of it! This is going to be a smash hit for Josh no doubt!

Thank you so much in Hungary too heard about the songs! Wonderful, wonderful, magical new album! Congratulations, good luck and we look forward to the tour. Hungary concert? It would be fantastic! :)

Thank you again for giving us the possibility to listen your album before it is released! :) Greetings from Hungary!

This is the first time in last six years when I have to complain. Because I don't live in the "right" state, I have no chance to listen to the new album now. And there is nothing I can do with it. Remember "Illuminations"? We all could listen to the album in the same time. Now I read the excited comments from fans who are lucky to live in the "right" countries. I'm sad about it, because I feel like a deficient fan. And this isn't fair.

And German fans are still waiting :( No party here!!

Dear Josh: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sharing this incredible album with us in Argentina! I wish you happiness, love and health in your life.
I´m waiting for your shows in this part of the continent... (This is what I asked for to Santas, PLEASE do not let me think he is a fake) ;)

Hungary, Hungary, Hungary!!!!! Thank You for providing us!!!!!! Flags up: Budapest loves You, Josh!!!! :D

even though i'm not with this listening party, Still Josh Grobans songs are all echoing on my ears ehehehe, and happy to have it soon ... nd be patiently waitin for it... and I have him! i mean the CD ;) to have it.

Feeling left out of the party. :(

Sorry... I double posted :o

Josh's voice never ceases to amaze me. Chills. The orchestration is wonderfully complementary.

Josh's voice never ceases to amaze me. Chills. The orchestration is wonderfully complementary.

so... Poland is still waiting but I'm sure this album is worth waiting for :)

and CHILE , please .... :D i'm so happy for it .... i can't wait for it.... besitos .JS

What about Poland? This certainly makes us feel a little abandoned.

Hey, Josh - Poland is waiting :) Don't forget about us :)

In the list I miss Germany! I hear the song Brave- it's amazing.

Hungary is on the MAP! Thank God! :)

I immediatelly fell in love with E ti promettero when I heard it.

All That Polish Fans can't wait ...

I guess You're preparing something VERY special for POLAND ...

Thank you from Hungary for All That Echoes and for this great opportunity. I love the album :)

Thank you from Hungary for this amazing new album, Josh :) And, of course, thank you for the listening party :)

I am really sorry there is none for Chile... but then... the world is just too big :-) So I am thanking you for the opportunity to listen to this anywhere. Thanks so much!!
I am absolutely in love with ATE

There are almost 200 countries in the world. This could take a while...

Slovakia wants to listen your CD, too... :)

What about Norway? Why not stream through Josh's website and give every fan the same opportunity to listen at the same time???

'The moon is a harsh mistress' made me cry!!! such a beautiful album :)


Oh Josh!!! I love this CD. I especially love Sincera, my favorite.

wow, i'm so happy to see romania among the countries blessed to take part in the listening party! thank you!! it's wonderful "all that echoes"

I hope it´ll be available for Peru soon, thanks Josh for sharing your music!!!

forsaken POLAND is waving at ya !