Are You Ready To See Josh Live In Theaters?

Are You Ready To See Josh Live In Theaters?

We are now just days, even hours, away from Josh's special album performance live from The Allen Room, Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall and in movie theaters around the US. Here are some things to remember about it:

1. Local movie theater tickets are on sale now! Click here for a list of theaters and grab your tickets now while they are still available.
2. Josh will be answering your questions live during the set. Simply tweet your questions now with the hashtag #AskJosh to submit.
3. Fans in theaters will be able to text their questions directly to Josh. Only fans at the theaters will have access to this.

That's it! Mark your calendar for February 4th at 7/6 C and join fans around the US for an incredible concert experience live in theaters!

Ready! Tickets printed out and evening plans secured. Will be in Crystal Lake, IL. A thought came to me (in church) today; I am sure many fans will agree with. We all seem to adore your good looks, sense of humor, amazing voice, generosity, kindliness, etc. in a way that is almost obsessive. You inspire and touch our souls. You make us want to be better people! It came to me today that you are a true example of God's pure LOVE!!! (Don't get nervous, that doesn't mean you have to be perfect.) You exude LOVE and that is part of why you ARE so LOVED! I am very grateful I was lead to you and that you are a part of my life. I predict wonderful things for you centered all around LOVE! Thank you Josh!

I just found out that the live concert tomorrow will not actually be live but delayed live!!! I thought it would be like via satellite or something.

WooHoo!!! We are getting closer!!! Sooooooooo excited!!! I LOVE this album can not wait till I get all my copies. : D
Hurry up Monday night...and Tuesday. lol

I have to believe that Warner and Josh will be making this available on DVD. It isn't the thrill of live, but this is a new device of presentation. I am blown away by the fans world wide who have posted so much! I know Josh must be so delighted. I'm just a fan too, but He and his team are knocking their lights out to do their best.

got my ticket and I can't wait. I have been listening to the cd stream. I love it

roger the girls in north florida are ready to roll!

Ready & waiting! Braintree, MA

Who else will be there live at Lincoln Center for the performance?

I'm having trouble getting my tickets from fandango. But nevertheless, I'll be there! I can't wait!

That's just not fair... I'm Portuguese and so I don't have the same chance as some of other fans. Well, but I feel happy for them and mostly for you, Josh!! Good luck!! It's gonna be great!! Beijinhos de Portugal / Kisses from Portugal :)

that figures the stupid Upper Peninsula of Michigan does not have one the closest is 2 hours from here so cant attend dam i am mad

Got my ticket, ready & waiting!! Gravois Bluffs Great Escape in Fenton MO.

Planning on being there. Already have tickets.

Pity it isn't available worldwide - Grobies everywhere would like the privilege of seeing it too.

mmmm it's so great but the other places around the world ....???????? ... i want see you too ... well... good luck.. Besitos y cariños from the end of the wolrd. Chile.JS