All That Echoes Live Theater Event Tonight

All That Echoes Live Theater Event Tonight

Date: February 4th
Time: 7:00pm ET / 6:00pm CT / and tape delayed at 7:30pm MT/PT/HI/AK
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I did a crazy thing and it was so worth it. I took one of my girls out of high school that monring, picked the other one up from college at lunchtime and drove north from northern VA to NYC to attend the actual live concert at The Allen Room. We made it by the skin of our teeth (who knew it took that long to get through the Lincoln Tunnel!!) It was unbelieveably stressful to drive through NYC but we did it and the payoff was sooooooo worth it! What a performance?! Josh knocked it out of the ballpark and the venue was fabulous. Talk about having a moment - Josh singing and the view behind him. My daughters and I shared a moment together we will remember for the rest of our lives. All topped off by Josh looking right up at us and waving as we leaned over to thank him for a magnificent performance. If you've never seen him perform live - RUN! Hard to believe but he's even better live than on a CD, and his personality just shines. I don't know of any other performer who can do that! Thank you Josh! Blessings, Melanie.

I went to the Live Concert in Bel Air, Maryland with my son and his girlfriend. We all loved the concert and especially the Q&A where Josh danced!!! The dancing was a highlight in the show and I'll never look at "a fork in the disposal" the same way again, LOL Thanks for a wonderful event!

I had tickets to see the concert in Randolph, MA and upon arrival, the theater said the show was cancelled due to satellite problems. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this or was this just an excuse on the cinemas part due to low ticket sales for this venue? So totally bummed!

I saw it in Plano Texas and I loved it! Josh was funny and his voice... what else do you need for a lovely evening?
Popcorn LOL
Great concert!
I had preorder my CD so I got it today. My favorite song: Happy in my Heartache...

Love it!

My 17 year old, Justin, and I had a Greattttt time at the movie live event!! Just love your voice and "Echos" and you are so precious! Received my new preordered fan cd today and bought the one from Targets but "You" should be sure not to do this to your fans again. Its a good day to be Josh I think!!

My sister and I really enjoyed the event last night. It was amazing! I love your music!!
Thank you!!

Great day! Received the CD in the mail and attended the concert in Oaks, PA. Loved it! Had a great time with friends.

Great day! Received the CD in the mail and attended the concert in Oaks, PA. Loved it! Had a great time with friends.

Hello there! We had a fantastic night at the special event! Josh was PHENOMENAL! Thank you for sharing your AMAZING talent! "All That Echoes" is AWESOME! <3

Last night's concert was wonderful! Great way to hear some of the new tracks and see Josh, in person sort of. Hope you come to Cincinnati again!

Last night's concert was wonderful! Great way to hear some of the new tracks and see Josh, in person sort of. Hope you come to Cincinnati again!

The concert was wonderful. The band and camera work were out of this world....What a great concept....Hope you can come to Louisville KY on the new tour..Thank you so much.

Had a wonderful time at the premiere of All That Echoes from Bowie, MD. Everything went off without a hitch!! Everything from your voice, orchestration (remarkable!!), camera, and the view of NY were all amazing!! So looking forward to my cd arriving - hopefully in today's mail!! Can't wait for the announcement of your tour dates here in the US. God bless and protect you on your travels, and allow you to bring comfort, laughter, and joy to others with your talent!!

We had a fabulous time at our movie theater. They had technical problems at the beginning and the entire crowd filed out to descend on the management--I've never seen such coordinated (and polite) protest. They fixed it very quickly.

It was a thrill to hear your voice soaring in the room. There were notes that had the whole crowd catching its breath. And I have to say, your face at 12 feet in high definition is even more handsome.

Dear Josh:
We were SO LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR EVENT this evening at our local theater! The theater had tech. problems and we waited and waited for mgmnt. to correct the problem. They were not able to and they cancelled the event. We were so VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Hope we can attend a concert very soon!!! Will you be coming to Northern Ca. this yr?

Awesome concert! I will be buying your new Cd tomorrow.

Awesome concert! I will be buying your new Cd tomorrow.

I didnt get to see this Josh Groban ALL THAT ECHOES Live event tonight. I hope it comes out on DVD very soon.

Oh Josh,you are so awesome! Love the Lord of the Rings bit that you did! Why can't I just meet you and "fall in love forever"? A girl can dream, can't she?! I've had my "day" and established myself in my profession, why can't I devote the rest of my life to making you happy? I sense a need from you for that...I am not a celebrity and would not be "2 circuses under 1 tent". Like most, just looking for true soul mate died, I am trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with the rest of my life, maybe I sound pathetic....?!

. I'm sure he popped the corn in every one of those 500 movie theatres

I was at the Allen Theater.. up close and personal. Josh's voice was beyond fabulous..Strong, clear, pure mellifluous .. The venue was intimate yet at the same time larger than life with the NYC skyline looming in the background.. I'm sure his performance was popping the corn in every one of those 500 movie theatres.
Thanks Josh for sharing your gift with the world and special thanks to David Romano for making every note.. perfection..

It was Wonderful.

Hi by now the All that Echoes Launch Event, has already finisged, I would love to see a part of it or maybe we can buy it, let us now and greetings from mexico.

What to "Echo" the comment from the Grobanite from MO. We would think it would be great if this concert could come out on DVD.

The concert was fantastic. Josh, you and your orchestra did a fantastic job. It was so enjoyable to watch the concert in our local movie theatre in Harrisburg PA. I had Pre-Ordered the All that Echos for my avid Grobanite friends as Christmas Presents. After this concert, we are really excited to get the CD. My sister and I both commented on the AWESOME camera/photographic presentation ot this concert. It was fabulous.Thank you, Josh for this wonderful concert and thank you FathomEvents for presenting it to us.
Polly and Anne, Harrisburg PA

braved the elements to get to the theater..would not wanted to miss this wonderful event. Alan room was intimate and beautiful and josh was certainly entertaining.. job well done by all concerned.. thanks for this wonderful performance.

A wonderful concert. It will get me through the winter. I feel so positive and have such a feeling of well being. Josh was the greatest and so great that he introduced band. Interraction from fans via Tariq was fantastic. I will have a very peaceful, happy night. Better than my wildest dreams. Thanks Josh and entire Josh team.

:D ...... cariños from distance.JS

I had a wonderful time. Love him.

That was just fantastic. What a great new way for you to connect with all your fans! Especially the Fan Club members who knew to buy tickets. :-) Thank you for the wonderful performance. My new husband loves Stevie Wonder, so ending the concert with that song was perfect. Can't wait to see when you will be touring in the U.S. Minneapolis loves you, Josh. Have fun down under!

Just returned home after this amazing event. Josh you continue to provide your fans with so many things and tonight was just another example. Best of luck on your overseas portion of your tour. We are really looking forward to the release of the US tour schedule!

Dear Josh:
Thank you for the live All That Echoes 2/4/13 concert tonight. I attended a theater in St. Louis. I hope that you will eventually release a DVD of this concert. Much success with All That Echoes. I am enjoying many of these songs. I'm looking forward to attending many of your future concerts. Please come back to MO.

Dear Josh: I wish you and all the people watching you a great time tonight. May be you share that with all your fans arround the world by posting some parts of the event. :) Erika from Argentina.

So excited that I could hardly work today. Tickets are already in my hot little hand and meeting another Grobanite for the event. Will be great to see Josh and the Groband again.

Take care,