Josh On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight!

Josh On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tonight!

Cap off your Valentine's Day with Josh tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch him perform "Brave," and check-in via GetGlue.

For a list of local air times, click here.

I loved all of it. Loved the interview, loved the way you sang "Brave" and "Falling Slowly", loved your style. That leather jacket just fits you so well. And I love that you smile a lot. You have a very beautiful smile! Lots of love :-)

I really, really, loved the way you sang "Falling Slowly" . You are great! :)

i watched it .. was really magic and funny .. thanks so much Joshua... i hope you have a beautiful and funny Friday and weekend..... greetings for your family and hugs for Sweeney ... Cariños for you from the end of the world.JS

Watched the show music was awesome like always!! Keep the good work up TV is good for you!!

i watched you on the Jimmy Kimmel show. you were great. i listen to your music every day.

My Valentine's Day is now complete! Was so wonderful to see Josh on the Jimmy Kimmel show! Josh, I hope someday you and Stevie Wonder get to writing that song!!!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying 'All That Echoes. I experience something new each time I listen to it! Sooooo looking forward to the tour! Love & Peace

Not impressed with your skit on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. If you are trying to change your image, I don't believe you are going in the right direction. Love your music but definitely did not like the skit