Josh On CSI: NY Tonight!

Josh On CSI: NY Tonight!

Catch Josh on a special Valentine's Day episode of CSI: NY tonight at 9/8c on CBS. A preview of Josh's segment can be seen here.

Check-in to the episode on GetGlue and get a new Josh Groban/CSI sticker or click here to enter an All That Echoes giveaway on the CSI website.

wow.... I .... I .... just love it.

Wished you performed a bigger/longer part but sure enjoyed what I saw. You must be exhausted! What an exciting 2 week whirlwind! Many congratulations for zooming right to number 1! Very happy for you but not surprised, I can't think of anyone more deserving! With regards to your lonely comments, you may have to be pro-active to find that in your life with your busy schedule. I believe it will be worth it. No amount of success can really take the place of true love and I can have both! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself! Love you!

I watched too (just because you were on there Josh)....I LOVE Happy in My Heartache. It's one of my favorites on the new CD. I love seeing you in that atmosphere.

Watching you play the piano with such a tenderness and listening to you sing "Happy in this Heartache" felt like I was intruding. But then most of your music/lyrics sometimes feel like that to me. Perhaps its because you share so much of your life through your music with your fans. Really love All That Echoes...thank you.

Josh, I saw CSI only because you were going to be on it. You deserved much more time on the screen. You heard you singing "Happy in My Heartache", but your handsome face wasn't on the screen long enough! It's a GREAT song and I LOVE you singing it. I hope you have a bigger part next time.

It was a perfect Valentine's Day song! Congrats on your new album going straight to #1. I can't wait to see you again in South Florida. Bayou make this old lady's heart go pitterpat!

Got back just in time to see Josh perform "Happy In My Heartache" with Andre and Tariqh at the end of the program. You sounded great Josh, and with you guys on a huge HD screen; it (almost) felt like I was there in person.
You are all beautiful! Thanks for everything you do; you do it so very well!

I missed it however, I hope I can somehow see it :)..

Josh, It was a wonderful surprise to see you on CSI New York. I usually don't watch that show, but you made it into a special valentine show. I would love to see you pop up on other shows.

I saw it ... it was magic,lovely and i love it ... really? .... thanks so much ..... enjoy in this great weekend. cariños and besitos from the end of the world. JS

Josh you were great on CSI New York. Worth the wait. Gary Sinese is a real hero in real life and you are our hero -you raise us up and do not let us give up by your beautiful and inspirational music. Thanks

just saw you on CSI and as always, you amaze me and move me. thank you for being you. much love. :)