Spring & Summer Tour Dates

Spring & Summer Tour Dates

Over the last few weeks, a host of tour dates have been announced all over the world. For a complete summary of dates, visit the tour page by clicking here. RSVP and get tickets for some shows now!

THEE most frustrating site! CANNOT find information related to 2014 tour dates in SPITE of indication via this site said information IS available. Grrrrrr! WAS going to try and score tickets for a Christmas gift, frustration not worth it, I'll seek another artist whose site ISN'T cumbersome and gift tickets to their concert!

Plan on being there. In fact, I just might make it another Tanglewood event and take the whole extended family!

Check out the fraze website www.fraze.com. There's not a bad seat in the place. A lawn or terrace ticket wouldn't be bad.

I'm really sorry that you won't be coming to the Fraze to see Josh. Yes, even lawn and terrace ticket pricing is high. The Fraze is such an amazing pavilion. It's the best place I ever saw anybody - and I've seen alot of concerts.
I've kinda dreamed of Josh playing there but never thought he really would. Still can't believe I'll get to see him at my favorite venue. I'm so sorry - maybe Josh will add a date in Cincinnati later??

Has anybody found the secret to pre-sale in Colorado? Password doesn't work

I'm a 9-year member of the Friends of Josh Groban and have tried about twenty times to get tickets for the Colorado event but cannot access the presale because they won't accept my password!!! Please help me!!!!!

Wi have been a member of JG fan club since 2008. I am for the main reason of getting tickets early to his concerts. I have not been able to get pre sale tickets for the colorado concert, using my access code.

it's so great ... good luck to all there ,... but i'm waiting for you in CHIle .. cariños.JS

I will be sad to miss him in Houston. Unless more dates will be posted????

Won't see Josh in concert, very disappointed. He is going to Dayton instead of Cincinnati at the US Bank Arena. Tickets were way to high much higher than what US Bnk Arena would charge, so maybe I will get to see him the next time around, but for now sad that I will miss this tour. But good luck Josh and have a great time on tour.