All That Echoes Live From Lincoln Center

All That Echoes Live From Lincoln Center

PBS concert series, Live From Lincoln Center, will feature Josh's "All That Echoes Live" performance on a new episode of the acclaimed television program. Hosted by Audra McDonald, the special airs on PBS stations tonight, Friday, April 12 at 9 PM ET in the United States for some markets. Please check your local listings for specific air date.

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Such a great show. I recorded it.

I watched your Lincoln Center Show on You Tube, It was Awesome Josh. I will be looking to see you come to New Jersey,and back home to New York City. Well Done Josh, you are Amazing, and Superb. Cor Daly.

Loved it! My husband reluctantly went with me to see your concert @ the theatre, to him you were just an opera boy. But his tune changed after seeing the concert, he was so impressed by the instruments, musicians, and your songs. Another thing that impressed him is skydiving is on your list. He said when you come to Phoenix he will be more then happy to take you for a tandem skydive. Greatest feeling ever!

Amazing performance! It seems I've watched you grow and recognise that u are so comfortable in your skin, even as ur talent and humor emerge even more stunning from ur beginnings! Luv ya much and cant wait for ur next project..Broadway? yep!

awesome show. you are so gifted and a pleasure to watch. your voice is soothing to the soul

hi Josh, i enjoyed watching you on the show. you did a great job. it was beautiful.

Beautiful as always!! Thank You Josh!!

Woohoo! Awesome show! Thank you!! :D

The show was out of this world Josh. Bravo!!!!!! xo


Wow, Josh I really wish I could be there, I'm absolutely positive it will be a wonderful show. Drink plenty of water, to your vocal excerises and get out there and have fun. ;.) I be there in spirit; however, I won't be singing this time, maybe playing the piano. LOL All the best.

I'll be looking online for the show... I've seen the Theater live event back in February.

Man of the Year Josh Groban!!!!